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Are you a Leader?

Story of a Lion

Are you a Leader?

Thursday October 26, 2017,

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During my early school days, I remember reading a chapter in my English Text book about Tigers and a Lions and the difference between them.  Ever since I read that chapter, I have been mesmerised by this particular beast – “The Lion”.

Are you a Leader in your vocation or within, Let’s find out:

The following characteristics and potentials of a "Lion" will help you gauge and identify yourself as a “Leader”


Defensive, Protective and Caring

We all know how protective lions can be – about their territory, themselves, their family, their young, and so on. If you compare yourself with a lion, have you ever felt the need to be protective of anything in life? Is it yourself, your money, is it your children? May be your spouse or partner. Is it your house, your business, your colleagues or may be your position, your country or your beliefs?

No one cares how much you know unless they know how much you really care.

I am Courageous and Brave

To be like a Lion also mean you are both courageous and brave. We all make certain choices in our life, to be brave or. timid, courageous or. cowardly. It important for us to seek various prospects on a daily basis where we can be both courageous and brave. Taking a step of bravely, helps others around you and yourself too.

I am Fierce, and willing to fight

Lions don’t just pick a fight, they will fight when need be, especially if when they are ready and willing to protect their family, their food, their mates or their territory, similarly what are the things that you are willing to fight for? Are you willing to fight for your children, your colleagues, your family?

You have to remind yourself from time to time about who you really are and draw your strength from within.

I am a passionate Hunter

All Lions hunt, what is it that you are hunting for? Is it your dreams? Your passion? Is it money? Is it fame? Are you hunting for your own success? Is it for happiness? Or is it a Vocation or a Goal?

My Group - my Team is called the "Pride"

Lions form group called Pride, at times they have 40 of them in a Pride. Though many of us feel that this walk of life must be tread all alone, we cannot deny the fact that there is a reason why we have family, friends, colleagues etc. They are not there to share good moments alone but also bad moments, burdens and balance our life. When we share our knowledge and wisdom with people around us we achieve more and gain more insight and constructive feedback in all that we do or say. Your team “Pride” helps your endure in any given circumstances to remain positive and focused.

I am a Loner

Lions usually do not hang around with other animals, but with a very few of its kinds. Similarly, at times we too need to be alone at times, separate ourselves from the rest of the world to hold up and breathe some fresh air, to arrive to certain decisions and also to relax. Lions attitude is a loner is significant to every leader. This attitude allows you to rediscover yourself

Many people are at awe when they see the robust character and energy of a lion.
Many Leader are like lions, they are the major force of the organization, the intellects that run a unit.
They are tremendously defensive of their teams and their organization.
 They show no timidity when it comes to tackling any issues. 
Their wisdom is thoughtful and as they lead they tread cautiously.