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Is Google Plus still relevant for businesses in 2017?

Are you still a Google+ user?

Friday September 22, 2017,

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Google+ did leave hastily but won’t go away completely. Since Google+ is animate, Google is bringing forth updates with this social network platform. Back in the days when I used to fiddle with Google+, I do remember a bunch of people and a few joined events, but I just wonder where are those days now.

Phew. Are you on the fence about the future of Google+?

Google+ is beyond comprehension and yet never a good rival against Facebook and Twitter. Certainly, this social platform has taken a backseat and faced a real criticism in the dominant social arena. I am perplexed to see various redesigns, eviction of tools has increased the value of the social platform.

Are you screwed with the fact that Google+ is dead? Has the same been true for you?

Well, no doubt Google+ still exists for some reason: Is it still relevant for businesses? Is it fruitful to devote our time and assets to it?

Yes, there have been many changes since people have turned towards Facebook and other social platforms. The only thing that has changed is people have bartered their interests. Don’t give up on Google+, try to reconsider it. Make your Google+ brand ever stronger. To take this up on a business front, Google+ has a powerful search engine. Anything you will post will appear on the search results page for your business.

It is concordant with the fact that Google+ pages and profiles can immensely help your SEO!

Google+ provides your valuable content, giving people your active presence through your Gmail. To make a good space for this platform, create a fully optimized profile page. Isn’t it an easy way for people to learn about you and connect with you on other platforms?

Hit it big with your network. Why bother? Simply take advantage of its features.

Google+ supports a feature called Google Hangouts. A platform that allows users to stream live broadcasts. Google Hangouts is a low-cost option for hosting presentations and webinars. You can take up this feature in consideration.

Another thing that makes me relieved is that it has this thing in particular for customers to review their experience with your company. Reviews will bolster your opportunity to connect with the user and check where it went wrong. It will boost up your credibility and intensify customer’s trust with your company.

Moreover, this social platform by Google targets the audience. As a company, you are likely to have the highest odds of reaching your esteemed audience. This creates a number of favorable circumstances for businesses to spot the audience and engage in relevant conversations.

The classic version of Google+ assures its users to work on the new version of itself. The company says, “ Our aim is to make Google+ the best place to connect around things you care about.”

For many, Google+ has still been the gag about being one of the failed social platforms but this product has a dedicated and steadfast following of many people you might think of.

Create your collection, start posting to Google+ and monitor your activity. You will surely accept the changes.

Dive into the platform!