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The Benefits of Blocking Apps on Your Android Phone

The Benefits of Blocking Apps on Your Android Phone

Friday December 23, 2016,

4 min Read

The applications which are designed to give you the best user experience of your mobile devices are commonly known as mobile apps. Many of the smart phones and tablet devices come with pre-installed applications like web browser, email client, calendar, media player and app for buying music etc.

Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives and it is very hard to imagine a life without them. Among all the types of operating systems for the mobiles, Android is the most popular and widely used operating system as it supports high number of mobile applications and also has millions of apps to choose from.

Prevent kids from spending too much time on electronic devices<br>

Prevent kids from spending too much time on electronic devices

As the technology advances, more utility applications have come up which are constantly installed on the smart phones based on their usage. Many people get addicted to some of these applications especially gaming and social apps, forming a habit that is difficult to get away from. It has been found that this attachment to these apps has worsening effects on the study and work efficiency of an individual. Use of app blockers helps resolve this issue and even protects you in many ways.

Following are some benefits why you should use app blocker to block apps on Android phone:

1. Keep an Eye on Children and Employees- Whether you are a worried parent or an employer who is concerned about the suspicious activities of your employees, then an app blocker gives you the right options on your hand. You can block the unwanted gaming sites and apps so that your children focus more on their study, which you can unblock once they have finished their homework. You can bar the use of email client for your employees to stop them from leaking any important data of the company by their Android mobile.

2. Protect from Source of Malicious Links/Software- Cyber hackers often trap you by sending out the phishing malicious links which seem very interesting initially. And once you click on such one link, it automatically downloads the malicious software which installs automatically, steals your data and corrupts your mobile device! Mobile blockers help you protect from such infectious links or software by warning you about them. Also you are protected from unwanted ads displayed by many apps online.

3. Time Management- Often you find yourself picking up your smart phone and wasting your time using many of the apps installed on it. This way you tend to miss the timeline given to you to carry out your work, and children spend their time playing games or surfing unwanted sites. App blockers give you options to schedule the time period when the app will be locked and used afterwards, helping you manage your work and leisure time.

4. Improves Productivity- By blocking app on Android phones of employees during the working hours, an employer can ensure that his or her employees are not distracted by Facebook, Twitter and other social apps which many a time divert their energy and lowers efficiency. Also if you are a working individual, you can use the various options available on your app blocker to manage your time and different apps as per their importance which can help you properly manage you work, leading to improved working efficiency.

5. Protect Your Personal Details- Generally we tend to remember the accounts and passwords on our smart phone which are always targeted by the cyber attackers. These passwords are of email and/or mobile banking. Any mistake by us to click the malicious link or app linked with infectious malware can lead to great financial loss, too. An app blocker such as iKeyMonitor gives constant alert and blocks these apps instantly.

6. Theft Protection- Many of the app blocking software come with the feature of GPS tracking and can help you track your phone in case it has been stolen or lost. You can also lock your smart phone remotely to block access to your important data present in it.