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I lost 2 Million INR and I am proud of it

You break up. You change partners but you never lose faith in Love. Entrepreneurship is Love to me. I lost but still, i crave to drive the wheels of my entrepreneurship cart.

Monday October 23, 2017,

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Before 6 months of starting my Digital Marketing Journey,

On a rainy day of 2016, a car zoomed into the driveway of a garage cum shed in sector 11, Faridabad. I parked the car and settled into the main chair of a huge office. I am the boss of the Pre-Owned car business with an Inventory of 10-15 cars. Every client who visited was impressed looking at my 1ooo square yard office. Everything looked fascinating but not when I sneaked into my accounts book. Three years into business but books would show red marks of losses on every page. I tried but failed. I had no option but to quit. By now, two things were clear in my mind:

You are a loser, Anurag. But

You don’t have to remain one.

My investment of three years and money went down the drain but I also gained invaluable experience which people get to earn in their late 40s As they say, You must move on. So I did. I was a tech-savvy person. I would always dig the internet until I get interesting stuff to read or watch.

As I was free from the clutches of a doomed business, I started putting in more time looking for opportunities that could shape my career. One day while sipping some coffee, I Googled about Top 10 Hottest Jobs in the world. There I found the calling of my life-

On #07 was Digital Marketing.

I found this title interesting and decided I must not ignore the power of this industry.

I did my thorough research on the subject, curriculum, jobs in the market, what future has it in store for everybody. I also sought the advice of a friend’s brother settled in abroad. Because I couldn’t afford to take a risk again. At last, I was pumped up with all the positive response. I started learning about the subject. I gained some International Certifications that were required to showcase at the time of interviews.

In a matter of 6 months, I was now a self-taught Digital Marketer. Ready to start a career, I sat for an entry-level position in a company. As they say, luck plays a part when you are ready to work hard. I was selected in the first round but not as an executive but as a Digital Marketing Trainer. Hard Work Paid Off!

I created a blog  with the intention to help anyone looking for a career in the industry. I give free consultation to businesses  who want to adopt Digital environment for the growth. I am also a learner just like you but slightly more experienced. The experience which I am keen to share with you all!

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