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A beginner’s guide to Google Maps marketing

Google Maps is great way to give a boost to your local SEO effort. Here is how you can do it. 

A beginner’s guide to Google Maps marketing

Monday September 25, 2017,

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Ever wondered how your business competitors easily appear on Google Maps with comprehensive details such as name, address, areas of operation and sometimes even photos. Well, the answer is Google My Business. Adding your business at Google My Business and getting it verified directly by Google not only places your business against your competitors but also helps in search engine optimization. Virtually, Google My Business enables any business owner to claim a listing that will appear in Google search results.

Give a boost to your local business with Google Maps marketing

Give a boost to your local business with Google Maps marketing

Purpose of Google Maps Marketing

By listing your business on Google Maps, you can easily let people know where you are located and tell them that at this specific area, there is a business that can provide the required products and services. The ultimate purpose of Google Maps is to achieve a higher ranking in the local business results page. Let’s delve deeper:

Results Based on the User’s Physical Location

The most significant part of Google Maps listing is on the physical location. With the increase in mobile search, this type of search is becoming highly popular. For instance, if you search a bakery near you, apart from PPC ads, you’ll also get the Maps results and that’s what the searchers are mostly interested in when searching for a service. Google listings are often prioritized based on the user’s location.

Ranked Results

Though proximity and location-based results are common, it would be wrong to say that Google Maps only offers these type of results. It is a fact that not every mobile user has location-enabled data on their mobile. The listings of the Maps are available for any destination on the planet, and is not only restricted to the vicinity of the users. For instance, if you search for a pharmacy on another side of the country, Google will not only show results that are closest to you. The results will be completely based on how effectively optimized the Google Business Listing is in addition to few other factors.

Precisely, Google Maps marketing is an ideal process to make your business more visible and easier to locate. It is in fact, an excellent tool for small to medium businesses who lack the large budget to drive exposure.

It is a fact that almost 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. So, utilize the benefits of Google Maps marketing and let your business stand out. For better visibility, add photos and update your address and hours!