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Need help understanding SNAP 2017? Read this first!

Need help understanding SNAP 2017? Read this first!

Tuesday September 19, 2017,

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There aren’t too many management entrance tests that can make or break someone’s career aspirations. The Symbiosis National Aptitude Test is one of them. So much so, that many students have “cracking SNAP” as their primary goal in life. The goal makes sense because SNAP is a direct gateway to some of the very best management institutes in the country. If you too are planning to take this highly coveted test, we are here to show you the way ahead! Keep on reading further to discover more about the SNAP test!

What To Expect From SNAP 2017:

As with every year, this year’s SNAP test too has evolved into something even better. What this means for students is that SNAP 2017 would be completely held online instead of offline. This development puts SNAP in the same league as that of the CAT and the XAT examinations. Not only does eliminating the pen-and-paper mode make things simpler, it is also a gesture that is extremely beneficial for the environment as it saves a lot of precious resource wastage.

The Symbiosis MBA admission test is essentially a “medium” difficulty test, as opposed to the CAT and XAT tests which are designed to be “high” difficulty tests. This makes SNAP a lot easier to crack, and yet, the opportunities open to students upon cracking the SNAP test are fantastic in their own right.

What To Expect From The New Registration Process:

Since change is the flavor of the season, the SNAP registration process for 2017 too has a different look and feel this year. That’s because starting this year, the test registration process has gone entirely online. Now you can relax in peace wherever you are and register for the test in just a few clicks. What could be better than that?

More Test Cities For Improved Accessibility:

This year, the SNAP test has achieved more reach than ever before. This is primarily because a total of 102 test cities would be hosting this year’s SNAP test all across India. This essentially means that most SNAP aspirants across the country would now be able to easily find a test city near them this year.

Choose The Institute And Programme Of Your Choice:

When all you need to do for joining some of the very best MBA institutes in the country is to crack just one entrance test, things begin to look a lot easier. The same is the case with the SNAP test – it’s your single point entrance ticket to 23 of the finest postgraduate programmes across 15 top-tier Symbiosis institutes present all throughout India. Why miss the opportunity of a lifetime? You get the point.

We sincerely hope that you’ve enjoyed learning more about the SNAP Entrance Exam for MBA 2017 test experience with us. We wish you the very best of luck for your future!