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Choosing a Life of Distinction

Thus have I heard: To live an exceptional life, it doesn't matter what you have to endure; what counts is how proficient you become in finding the poem in whatever goes on around you.

Choosing a Life of Distinction

Friday March 30, 2018,

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What does a deeply satisfying life mean to you? And how do you design one? Will the achievements you are striving for influence your becoming a better person over the years? For only as you become a better person will you acquire the prudence to ensure that the way you live your moments is in alignment with how you want your future to unfold.

Notice how the people who really make an outstanding contribution to society, are those whose success is not just based on their talents or accomplishments, but primarily on the kind of person they have chosen to be. These people are generally optimistic, easy to get along with, far-sighted, self-assured and have an uncanny knack of succeeding repeatedly at whatever they attempt to accomplish.

Therefore, a life of distinction is based on the realization that there is immense value in simplifying and clearing away all the non-essentials you generally cling to, for only then can you experience genuine joy and deep appreciation for the minutest details of life.

Know that lasting happiness flows into what you do and whom you meet through your keen appreciation of whatever life presents you with. Let go of the endless distractions in your life, hoping to squeeze happiness from them, because it is far more profitable to make a habit of living from happiness, and not for it. This means it is a lot wiser for you to increase your personal value daily, than being in frantic pursuit of more valuables.

Perhaps the greatest misfortune of your not being awake to your innermost splendor is that your life will be largely wasted because of this monumental negligence. It will not make a difference to history, or even to those who knew you, that you were alive. Humanity will not be affected by your passing. And your joy will never be known to you because you will not have contributed anything useful to society and, therefore, it will not matter that you ever even lived.

When the objectives you strive for are limited only to outer victories and do not include your emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being, your ability to predict what will make you truly happy remains flawed and you will keep chasing after things that cannot and will not fulfil you.

So, be prudent, my friend, use your lead-time effectively and reach out to drink the living waters from the teachings of the ancients, so that you abide by the old rule in all forms of progress, that the more refined your thinking, the more intuitive you are in gaining mastery over your challenges, while remaining receptive to the opportunities they hold for you. In short, do your best to ensure that the way you live your moments is in alignment with how you want your future to unfold.

Therefore, take it upon yourself to enrich the world and be enriched by it. Make every encounter special, because in truth, there are no minor encounters. There is no greater gift you can give to those around you than to assist them on their way to a better life; to be there for them in their questions, their darkness and their triumphs. There are few things in life as rewarding and noble as this. Are you ready to unleash the genie within you for crafting your life into a masterpiece?