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How to get the right reviews for your business?

Getting the right reviews for your business is important if you want to take your website to a completely different level. It is not possible for early man to ensure the completion of this stuff in a proper manner. And this is where JDM Web Technologies experts play the role.

How to get the right reviews for your business?

Tuesday February 20, 2018,

5 min Read

Don’t the reviews given by the customers on your business help you to explore your business more? Actually, reviews play a great role in getting the right path for your business. If you are constantly getting right reviews from the customers for your business, then keep calm and stay on the same track of business as you were before. This means you are doing very well on that part. But if you get negative reviews then it is a matter of worry. You then need to change the way of doing your business and work according to the customers’ need. This is the only way to save your business at that moment.


There are many ways to get the reviews from the customers. Many businessmen prefer to get the reviews offline. But is that the right way? I don’t think so. Offline reviews may not be fruitful. Many people may hesitate in writing reviews as your representative must be standing there. Also, it must be possible that the customers must be in hurry and may refuse to write the review. Then the question arises what will be the best way to get the right and appropriate reviews from the customers? The answer for this will be online reviews.

There are many ways to get the online reviews. Some of them are listed below:

1) GMB or Google My Business: This is similar to the Google Places and Google local SEO. This application is now the best method to get the online reviews. If a person has just started his business then he must first register himself on Google My Business. Here you are given ratings according to the customers’ reviews. These ratings decide the rank of your business and help other customers also to get influenced towards your business.

You must be sure that no matter what product you supply but you must provide the best customer service. A bad customer service may enrage the customers to write a bad review no matter a good review is mentioned or not. To get a Google My Business profile you must:

a) Visit http://www.google.com/business/.

b) A Google account must be created there which must be associated with your business.

c) Fill in the appropriate details with high-quality photographs.

d) Now perform the required steps and get the reviews.

You may even use your email signature and get to know about the customers’ thoughts.

2) Sites specific to industry reviews: 

There is high-quality sites present that just focus on one thing that is reviews of industries. These reviews create a great impact on the thinking of other customers. The unknown customers are compelled to visit your business site to know the reason behind these great reviews. The raking of your business also increases on Google because of these sites. The good reviews may earn you better and best reviews.

The industry-specific review sites are restricted to some sites only. This means that they take reviews of few sites only. You may register yourself in any one of those sites and continue this service. It is better to not register yourself for a plenty of review sites. This may create a burden on them and may also confuse them on which site to write the reviews. If you want to get yourself known on each of these sites then it is better to rotate the old reviews on every site rather than providing the customers with more and more options. Some customers may think your website false in this also.

3) Sites related to the reviews of the products: 

As there are sites related to the reviews just for the industries, similarly there are sites which consider the reviews just about the products. These sites are the most important sites and must be considered the most by the businessman. If the products are not only good then no other site will get a good review about your business. You may surely be providing the best customer service but this will be of no use if the products are not good. The reality of your goods is visible here.

These sites have the best quality to post all the reviews without any alteration on your company’s official website. As soon as someone checks your company’s website and founds the reviews of other customers then the interest of that customer will increase automatically. This may increase orders on your site. You will find the increase in the ratings of your industry and the products.

4) Social media: 

The most used platform throughout the world is social media. If you provide options for reviewing your business and the products on the social media then this will be the best part. People use the social media a lot and hence there will be no issue of time-related problems to the customer. As soon as they see the post related to the reviewing of your website they will surely review it. You can even share those reviews on social media. This will help other people to see the reviews and hence increase traffic to your website.

You can also reply your customers on the social media which will help in clearing the problems of your customers or you can hire an expert to do SMO Services for the same. They may feel relaxed after getting the response from your side and may share your page or post more and more.

Reviewing shows the real mirror to you about your business. Some people think that reviewing is just waste of money and there is no need wasting money on it. This is totally wrong. Resolving the issues of customers through reviews may create an easy scenario for problem-solving rather than customer service. You may explain your products more and more and that also in the right way. 

For a businessman, a customer is his boss. With the help of them, your business may get the name of a ‘brand’. Although there will be a mixture of reviews you must be ready to solve each and every one of them.  


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