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How to redesign your app marketing plan

App marketing can be done in many innovative ways....this blog let's you explore some of the unexplored app marketing possibilities....

How to redesign your app marketing plan

Friday July 21, 2017,

5 min Read


While searching for a mobile app on app stores, you may see multiple options, hovering on the mobile screen, which shouts for the around 5 million apps available on Android and iOS platforms, but yet data reveal that 4 out 5 users never use the app again after 72 hours of app install.

It portrays a sheer image of the user’s behavior, wherein users are no more in the mood to entertain any random mobile app which comes in their way. Although it is worth to notice, that mobile app development companies have taken some serious steps to improve their app development process, but still the app marketing is something which needs to be re-assessed thoroughly. It is good that you are well-versed with the marketing game, but unfortunately, this is the field which needs the continuous upgrades to meet the user’s requirements.

Usually, app marketers remain with a belief that a mobile app has limited number of ways to get promoted and unknowingly get submerged in the mistake pool, such as:

Force users to register

Asking for Too Much Information during Registration

Avoiding analytics

Least information about audience

Marketing platform ambiguity

Lack of marketing strategy

These are some of the mistakes which hamper the success goal of your app marketing, so you need to redesign your app marketing strategies at large. You may read further to know the new marketing strategies to gain success…

Bifurcate Your Goal Into Sections

It is expected from a mobile app marketing channel to create one solo aim of gaining popularity, which is all fine and achieving marketing goals has nothing new to do with it. But when it comes to genuine app marketing, then you need to break down your mobile app marketing based on the KPIs; app store ranking, loyal user acquisition, number of app downloads, and ASO (app store optimization), once you bifurcate your marketing goal into several required sections, it would help you to assess and analyze more accurately, what all is happening in the different fields and the team members would have their solo target to achieve, in a complied way it would be a sure way to attain success.

App Advertising

App advertising does not suffice to blogs, a promotional website, hoardings etc. only, but it has a hidden aspect too, wherein, your mobile app functionalities also can play a huge role. A mobile app has various required features and functionalities, which are developed based on the user’s demand, you only need to stop and think as a user to understand how you enjoy a mobile app as a user…when you are traveling and suddenly a push-notification or location based message pops up on your mobile screen, which you read and utilize the services as per your needs. This clearly indicates that users love to be intimated for their required services as per their convenience. You can add these functionalities in the mobile app; this would improve the user-experience and also, would work as an asset to your marketing strategy.

Flaunt App Benefits

Have you ever bought something, which did not come as per your requirement’s taste? Yeah, this is correct, we can never indulge ourselves in buying the stuff, which hails from a brand, but does not approve of our requirements. Today users are smart and they prefer to buy a brand as long as it serves some purpose in their lives. This same theory applies to your mobile app too, no matter how big and affluent brand you are representing, but unless it is reflecting some purpose served in the user’s life, no user would be tempted to try your mobile app. You need to highlight how your mobile app would ease down certain problems in your user’s life and how it can be an added advantage to make their life convenient enough. You must not market your app, but you must sell the experience to your users, which they have not tried yet, but would love to, once they download and use the mobile app.

Break The Stereotype

Marketing is something which cannot fully rely on some specific strategies and rules, but it needs to be ever evolving and improving as per the demand in the market and it can never be based on one single approach. I know it is very hard for few of us to accept the change and try something new because there is always a set of risk involved with trying something new, but SORRY, and you have to break your inhibitions and need to try everything possible in your reach to market the mobile app. You must market with a real-time scenario approach, so your potential users can relate to it and can identify and associate with your mobile app as an answer to their daily life issues.

Never Stop

This is a crime and comes in my top hit list…Technology is evolving and hammering down the façade of existing technology every day and mobile apps, which are quite recent in the market, are changing their outlook rapidly and are turning convenient than ever before, which means users look for something better every time and are not satisfied with one single option, and this leads to some major innovations to take place in the app industry and proves the theory further that what is IN today, may be OUT tomorrow, so your marketing strategy needs to get reformed, reassessed at every step, you can't rely on your existing marketing strategies to bring the success shot for your mobile app tomorrow as well. So keep evolving and do not STOP and keep chasing what would serve your purpose best.

As a mobile app development company, sooner you would accept this fact that marketing is the leading factor for a mobile app success after the development; it would help you gain a perfect business model in the app market…

Keep watching this space for more upcoming topics to get relevant information to promote your mobile app in an efficient manner…