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What are server wardrobes and how do they structure?

What are server wardrobes  and how do they structure?

Tuesday January 30, 2018,

3 min Read

Server wardrobes or rack cabinets?


Navigating on specialized sites can often happen to talk about server wardrobes or, in other cases, rack cabinets. But what is it specifically about?

Widely used in the computer sector, in the telecommunications and industrial sectors, they are often found, for example, in the data centers or in the call centers of a certain entity, where they host electronic material, such as computers, servers (from which precisely The diction server wardrobes), hubs, switches, routers, patch panel and other network services.But then what do you mean by the term rack (which comes from English and you can translate it with shelf or rack) and why do you use it in reference to the server wardrobes?

Server wardrobes: The standard rack

It is a standard system used in the installation of hardware systems. It is a special metal cabinet, whose modular structure always has a width of 19 inches (482.6 mm) and a height of 1.75 inches (44.45 mm) for each unit hosted. The length may vary, although it generally exceeds 600 mm.Each cabinet can consist of a variable number of units, but the most commonly used dimensions are those of 12, 25 or 42 units. The 42 racks are largely subdivided into 3 14-unit the one and with separate access.

The choice of a standard width measurement in the production and marketing of the server cabinets is dictated by the need to host the machines of any electronics supplier. The height and the depth are variable because they will be chosen according to the needs of the individual user. In particular, the height of the cabinet will be defined according to the number of rack units: "1u" for a rack unit; "2u" for two rack units; And so on. In this way, those who have to organize the technological infrastructure can easily calculate the space they need.

The internal structure of the server Wardrobes

Internally, the server cabinets are divided by several shelves, sometimes structured as slides for the extraction of the device, on which the individual machines are supported. Racks can be opened or closed on the front from doors. In any case, they allow you to better organize the arrangement of the devices and above all to keep them safe from accidental bumps, dust, heat, cold, humidity.

To cope with the need for easy access to machines and components located in the server cabinets, these are inspectable. In this way, updates, fault repairs, component substitutions and verifications can be carried out by the technicians without any obstruction or loss of time.

Open and closed server Wardrobes

In the purchase of the server wardrobes you can choose between different structures: the open frames (or simply rack frames) are characterized to be completely open on all sides (in practice there are only the 4 rack-mounts on which the devices are Fixed by screws or positioned on special guides); The rack cabinets are completely closed (but of course equipped with ventilation grates); Finally, the intermediate structures have covered and other parts totally accessible.