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    Chatbots help e-commerce businesses see a sales hike

    By Shubham Aggarwal|15th Jun 2018
    Chatbots for E-commerce builds a gateway that's more than just a helping hand, solving most of your customer relationship issues
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    It's a bird... It's a plane…No.. It's a bot!

    Not the kind of Autobots from Transformers.

    We aren’t there yet!

    But just like Autobots, these bots called chatbots do help us.

    I won't blame you if you aren't seriously impressed. What's great about a technology that has been around for decades?

    The way we use chatbots has.

    A form of amusement in the past, chatbots have radically changed the way we do business.

    So why you should you care? Things are fine the way they are. Why does your e-commerce need a helping hand?

    Let’s find out, shall we?

    Chatbots generate leads

    What's more important than sales to an e-commerce business?

    Potential buyers.

    Of course, you could spam their inbox, buy information from data brokers or have a bunch of people cold-calling customers. Here’s the problem.

    Marketing emails are responsible for 70% of 'this is spam' complaints. Why do you think that is? People don’t like spam. Not the tinned SPAM and certainly not spam mail. In light of the recent data breach at Facebook, you should probably avoid all data brokers. So you’re left with only one option: Cold-calling.

    The Keller Research Center estimates that only 28% of those cold called, engage in conversations.

    Why waste your time with archaic methods when you can have a bot do it for you?

    Chatbots find out the demand of the consumers and locate potential customers. Not only can these chatbots generate domestic leads, but they are also equally efficient lead generators internationally, making sure that you find reliable customers all over the world and cater their needs.

    Another advantage that chatbots have is that they keep adding people to their directory once they communicate with them. This particular quality helps the businesses convey their messages and keep their customers up to date with various deals and promotions that are offered now and then.

    Chatbots can act as Sales Reps

    Compare this:

    "Hey, Maria. I'm your personal StyleBot. What are you looking for today?”

    To this:

    “Hi, I’m [insert name here]. How may I help you?” in a monotonous, tired voice.

    What would you prefer? Chatbots, all the way, am I right? Give your sales rep a break. Everyone has questions about their purchases, and sales reps can't appear genuine with pitches that they've rehearsed so many times that words have lost all meaning.

    A chatbot can deliver the perfect sales pitch. Every. Single. Time.


    The AI in them also allows them to recommend, make suggestions and promote products to consumers.

    Why does it work? Chatbots are not as intrusive or annoying. They appear friendly and hold conversations with people. And oh, they don’t drone on and on like sales reps. 

    Chatbots are always on duty

    “I need to take a sick day,” said no chatbot ever.

    What even is a holiday to a chatbot?

    People are not immune to sickness. They need to take breaks and have emergencies from time to time.

    They don’t need a day off. They’re available 24x7 365 days a year. Chatbots give new meaning to the phrase ‘In sickness and in health.’

    They are always ready to serve customers. Instant gratification builds trust and turns users into loyal customers. 

    Chatbots make payments-on-the go easy

    Just when you think it can't get better, it does. Users can quickly make payments with chatbots. Bots save time and learn orders with precise accuracy. So, if a consumer wants to reorder, they can do so with a single tap.

    Snap cash, a popular software, present in chatbots is a virtual wallet which has all the details of the user's card. All the user needs to do is add the amount of payment and be done with it.


    Just when you think it can't get better, it does. Users can quickly make payments with chatbots. Bots save time and learn orders with precise accuracy. So, if a consumer wants to reorder, they can do so with a single tap.

    Snap cash, a popular software, present in chatbots is a virtual wallet which has all the details of the user's card. All the user needs to do is add the amount of payment and be done with it.

    Cart abandonment becomes rare

    Let me tell you a short story.

    I saw a cute Tee with unicorns and everything. I added it to my cart and then to my utter dismay I see that it is out of stock.

    I clicked on the option that says ‘Get notified when its back in stock’ and waited to hear from the site pretty much like we’ve all been waiting to hear from Hogwarts.

    Only if there was a cute, friendly bot that I knew would let me know via a message that the item is up for grabs again.

    Following up makes a good impression on the customer, and virtually guarantees that they return to shop. .


    Want to see live examples of how chatbots are helping to set up businesses? Here’s a list of top 5 successful chatbots that are leading the e-commerce world:

    Argomall’s chatbots

    Argomall is a Philippines based e-commerce business selling consumer goods. Customers can uses chatbots to communicate with the company. Users can also search for products using keywords and furnish the chatbot with delivery details.

    The two main elements of creating Argomall were:

    To modernize the selling process

    To improve customer support

    2. Ralph

    Meet Ralph, the Lego Bot

    Meet Ralph, the Lego Bot

    Lego’s chatbots help their customer with the most challenging situation: helping them choose the right gift.

    Ralph, the gift bot, asks customers some simple questions like location, the age of the recipient and budget. Ralph also has a unique feature. It asks users about the theme of the gift. It could be travel, comic, festive and so on.

    After a quick analysis, it comes up with recommendations and a direct link to these products so that customers can quickly add them to their carts.

    3. Freddy

    The Hello Fresh chatbot, Freddy, provides customer support and shaves off the waiting times for customers. It responds to various queries automatically.

    Even though Freddy’s job is to provide customer support, it can also offer numerous options to users like:

    Show them the latest blogs by Hello Fresh

    Recommend a Spotify playlist

    Send them a reminder to complete their weekly order

    4. Bot Burger

    Bot burger was an experiment that delivered burgers to people in Paris on Friday and Saturday from 9 pm to 5:00 am. Users could order burgers on Messenger without having to visit the website.

    The Bot Burger was a significant hit. It saw a lot of engagement from users.

    In fact, hold my laptop, while I weep for missing out on this delicious experience.

    Decen Muebles Infantiles

    The Decen Muebles Infantiles bots help the company sell infants’ furniture. When users visit the website, they’re shown a short video. They are then greeted by the bot that lets them choose from several options such as:

    Customer service

    Talk to a digital agent

    View catalog

    The future of E-commerce: Chatbots


    According to business surveys, almost 90 percent of e-commerce companies will be using chatbots by 2020. There is a mighty good reason for that.

    Consumers love interacting with a chatbot. Instant gratification is a winner and the ease with which they can shop contributes to better sales.

    Chatbots are a non-overt way to market and promote products. E-commerce businesses have always had a fierce competition with retail brands. Chatbots can help to even out the playing field.

    They can, in fact, help e-commerce businesses have the upper hand.

    Now that’s what I like to call a ‘no risk all reward’ situation!

    To read more you can go here.

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