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Rediscovery Cruises Goa

Customized trips along Goa's rivers and Backwaters

Rediscovery Cruises Goa

Thursday September 01, 2016,

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The thought of Goa brings beaches to your mind and this is exactly we what we want to change. The hinterlands of Goa and completely unexplored and through Rediscovery Cruises its our attempt to give you a taste of its beautiful backwaters. Also helps us promoting Goa during the monsoons.

We operate exclusive luxury boat and yacht rides in Goa. The guests can choose from different exclusive rides like: sunrise, sunset, day trips, dinner rides, etc.

The aim is to promote hinterland tourism in Goa and have an off-beat option and experience for the tourist.

Currently we are highly rated on TripAdvisor (2nd of 39 boat tours in Goa to be precise).

Where we take you to during these rides:

1. Inside the Mapusa river, with Mangroves on both the sides and along beautiful Goan villages. Here you will also spot crocodiles and some bird species along the way.

2. The confluence of the Mandovi River and the Sea. On this beautiful trail you would see the Panjim city on one side, Reis Magos fort and a glimpse of the Fort Aguada Lighthouse.

3. Cruise along the beautiful Ribandar stretch, with Ponte De Linhares on one side and overlooking the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary on the other.

Ideal time for sailing:

1. Early morning: Start at around 6.30 or 7.00am in the morning and continue till 9 or 10 in the morning. The climate is very pleasant and you get to catch the sunrise. Moreover the probability of spotting crocodiles and birds is the highest.

2. Evening: Start at around 4.00pm in the evening and continue till 7.00pm. Again a pleasant climate a breathtaking sunset and multiple colors in the sky.

I have also attached some images from our previous rides for your reference.

For more info visit:

Website: www.rediscoverycruises.com

Tripadvisor (Rediscovery Cruises): goo.gl/kDNfYz

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/rediscoverycruises

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rediscoverycruisesgoa/

So, if you are planning a trip to Goa to give us a buzz, to experience this amazing and off beat activity.

Do spread the word.


Team Rediscovery Cruises

A family enjoying a ride on one of our open boats<br>

A family enjoying a ride on one of our open boats

Just wow!!<br>

Just wow!!

Yeah, that's a real Croc<br>

Yeah, that's a real Croc

Love is in the air!!!!<br>

Love is in the air!!!!

Perfect Sunset<br>

Perfect Sunset