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Steps to link your pan to Aadhaar

Steps to link your pan to Aadhaar

Tuesday April 11, 2017,

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The Government is on the spree to make AADHAAR the aadhaar (base) for your identity.


In accordance to the latest circular dated 5th April,2017 issued by Income Tax Department it is mandatory to link the Aadhaar number with Permanent Account Number before filing the income returns or for applying for PAN with effect from 1st July,2017.


According to the survey, presently

• Total Aadhaar cards issued are around 111 crores.

• PAN cards issued are 25 crores.

• Total number of people who file ITRs are 6 crores

• Assessees with Aadhar linked PAN are 1.08 crores


Government has taken such conducive measures,

• To penalize tax evaders.

• To find defaulters with multiple PAN cards.

• To ease the assesses of the hassle from submitting their IT acknowledgment.

• To verify the real identity of the person by crosschecking the basic details.


Step 01: go to the official Income Tax E-filing portal


Step 02: Login as a Registered user.

User ID: PAN Number

Password: Date of Birth/ any other if changed.

Step 03: As soon as you login a popup will appear, 'LINK YOUR PAN CARD WITH AADHAAR CARD’

Step 04: Enter your Aadhaar Number, Captcha Code and click ‘Link Now’.

P.S.: (1) There is an option to link the same later, simply click on ‘Later’ button.

       (2) Incase of no pop-up. Go to Profile Setting and then click on Link Aadhaar.

On having done so, the automated system will reconcile the personal details like your Name, Date of birth, Gender, Address. In case of a successful transaction a message will be sent on your registered number.

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