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Neither B2B, Nor B2C: These Human To Human (H2H) Facts Will Skyrocket Your Business in 2017 and Beyond!

Neither B2B, Nor B2C: These Human To Human (H2H) Facts Will Skyrocket Your Business in 2017 and Beyond!

Sunday February 12, 2017,

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If we are not wrong, it’s a human reading this article and not a machine, isn’t it?


It is difficult to understand why people start using a machine language with business-heavy jargons while talking business when these jargons rarely play any role in closing a deal. At the end of the day, it is a human you try relate to and it is human conviction that helps in taking a decision.

Many surveys have proved that most of the times customers take buying decision with emotions not with information.

So, while writing content or planning a communication strategy for businesses, why do people start thinking like a machine?A machine language can only cater to a non-living world.

What is H2H?

People love to get connected and who else can testify better than the sales men who work out there day in and day out on the field and very well understand the value of human connection. Soit is important to understand that it is a human on the other side of your communication channel and not a robot.

Whether businesses call themselves as B2B or B2C, one can’t ignore the fact that the decision maker in either of the case is a human being trying to do business with another human being.The day in your business you start adopting a content strategy that reaches your prospects in a personal and engaging way the results will simply start flowing in.

Businesses do not have emotions but people do. People like to get engaged and love to be apart of something big.Businesses do not respond to criticism or appreciation but people do.People are HUMAN!

2017 human to human marketing

The rise of social media platforms was supposed to mitigate the human to human gap. And to a substantial extend it has succeeded to do so, but there are still miles to cover.

How to Implement H2H?

Try identifying people, and not the companies in your business, who can be your potential prospects.If you are a B2B product based company or service provider, then there are high chances that buying and selling decisions lie in the hands of respective stake holders. Now they may be the admin head, HR director or any c-level executive.

Develop their personas and make a strategy based on their likes and preferences outside their official avatar. Try to connect with them on a human level.It is where emotional intelligence comes into picture. Pinpoint phrases and words that can allure them as a human. Talk about what’s inside for them personally, and not only for their company.

H2H is simply a paradigm shift.But the fact is that the paradigm realm is transforming on to a digital landscape, so anything and every that is going to happen will happen over your content or communication strategy.Now there hardly is any difference between a real world and digital world- it’s only a human whom you face. So better pull up your socks and be prepared to adopt H2H and take your business to a next level in 2017 and beyond.