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Why CIOs should consider using DevOps with cloud

DevOps with cloud is proving to be a messiah for CIOs with a number of businesses adopting this approach.

Wednesday April 26, 2017,

4 min Read

The changing dynamics of business and customer requirements has given rise to a number of challenges in the IT industry. Rapid deployment of end-products and scalable architecture to cater to the ever-changing user requirements is the need of the hour. This is putting the CIOs under constant pressure to perform and adapt to an agile and competitive ecosystem which can easily fix the twin dilemmas i.e., bug-free product deployment and seamless operational efficiency, thereby, increasing the adoption of cloud.

Particularly, DevOps with cloud is proving to be a messiah in this case with a number of businesses adopting this approach.

Improving business bottom line

DevOps and cloud complement each other but can be deployed independently as well. However, both are mutually reinforcing strategies for delivering business value through IT. Simply put, collaboration between testers, developers and operational teams is a must to attain synergy and business agility in the software life cycle and DevOps can be a starting point to achieve that state.

In fact, DevOps can automate software delivery and infrastructure changes to minimise errors. Every phase—development, testing, analysing and delivering the intended software, services or product is created keeping customer expectations in mind to deliver quality products using optimal time and resources which is called 'automated resource provisioning'.

Overall, with the economy becoming service-oriented from product-oriented, software as a service is getting more popular day-by-day. This is also leading to enhancement of cloud services. According to Cloud Computing Trends data by RightScale 2016 State of the Cloud Report, nearly 95 percent respondents acknowledged using cloud and 71 percent used DevOps with cloud. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that the next-gen digital transformation is going to come from DevOps collaboration.

CIOs have understood this fact very well and are increasingly using DevOps with cloud which is helping them to shift to a more proactive approach rather than a reactive one. Using this model, CIOs have been able to work towards the future rather than look at the product cycle with a taylorian view.

Benefits of using DevOps with cloud

The biggest advantage of using DevOps with cloud is reduction in response time, cost and human errors by automating the flow, thereby, making the process more reliable, error free, robust and efficient leading to satisfied customers. The automation process includes infrastructure provisioning, making builds, running test cases, report generation with mailing alerts etc.

DevOps with cloud can easily pave way for replication. While the backup and restoration process is highly efficient in cloud, its automation through the DevOps practices can make it even more reliable.

DevOps implementation on cloud can also lead to automation of all the levels of hierarchy in the infrastructure.

Though cloud can lead to flexibility and scalability in the infrastructure in real time, but DevOp practices can give a sense to this flexibility. DevOps allows businesses to deal with frequently changing customer requirements seamlessly.

DevOps grants full control over the whole infrastructure and its management.

DevOps with cloud can easily help solve the infrastructure problems with latest market tools, build custom logic and write capabilities and allow self-healing.

DevOps culture removes the dependency on a single person.

DevOps practices lead to continuous delivery and speed up the delivery rate to 100x faster.

DevOps with cloud leads the way

DevOps with cloud can be the solution to many business problems. If you need to deploy the code quickly and ensure minimum errors, DevOps with cloud is the way to go. Further, since every business wants maximum profit at minimum cost, DevOps with cloud can help the organisation to achieve this goal too. It can result in robust, flexible and error-free ecosystem to produce quality software products. Therefore, every CIO should opt for DevOps with cloud to build better quality products in a short time span.

Bright future ahead

So, for continuous integration, seamless functioning, scalability and testing, DevOps with cloud is the game winner. DevOps with cloud can give order to the whole system, thereby, making it more secure and maintenance-free.

Do you want to achieve a seamless workflow system? You need to adopt DevOps with cloud!

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