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What is being optimistic?

For every dark night, there's a brighter day....

What is being optimistic?

Tuesday July 11, 2017,

3 min Read

                    An Optimistic feels all the crayons are in one box and he manages to use them to colour his life. It is like always looking for the best in any situation and hoping for the best to happen in any circumstance. Positive vibes are very powerful they even have the power to change the most unexpected happenings in to beautiful ones. Creating positive vibes even makes our surroundings pleasant. Sometimes our life gives us the biggest challenge and we tend to crumble rather than thinking for the solution. It flashes our mind automatically when we accept the things which make us sad and strive to smile through life's detours.


                  Trust the word karma. It is the one which runs our fate. It will have an intense effect on our future. Believe that everything comes around for a reason and the cycle of our earlier actions will probably show up the results later. Getting inspire from our surroundings is the first thing we miss these days....Look around you see the little sapling struggling hard to pop up from the soil, little baby trying hard to speak his first words and a small bird trying to fly with its tiny and cute wings. There are many people who will inspire us or change our thoughts, What we need to do is to recognize them and take the inspiration we need. Every person comes into our life not only to teach us something but also to wake us up from the bad dream we are having. Just give it a second chance.              


      Whether the glass is half empty or full just think of drinking it with a straw. You have to remind yourself that if you expect the worst, the worst will happen. You are your own stress, your own anger, your own sadness and frustation. If you let the things bother you, they will and don't let them . Be happy!! Nothing in life is easy, u have to make the best of it and optimism is the key to let everything happen that you think. Learn to see possibility and oppurtunity in every difficulty. Optimism does not want or wait for the facts it only deals with prospects.


                     The words we usually hear are hope, confidence and blah blah..,, I suggest you to not to hold yourself too much on these and try hardly to keep them. All you have to do is, you should believe in yourself and take a step in to your most uncomfortable zone then surely the words I mentioned above will be yours. Be expressive it helps you to be at ease without any weight in your head. 

                      You always have to understand that everything is going to be alright may be not today but eventually it will. Just love and enjoy! Feel the every feel you feel.....because you may not get the chance in your life again to feel them. You have to undergo all the things it makes you the complete person. I agree that thinking to be positive is easy but hard to withstand. Once u experience all the ever beautiful fruits by your positivity, you will surely enjoy the way the life mess you up at some instances and you'll face them with strength.

                       Finally Feel, Love, Enjoy the little things in your life... the more you love the more you feel positive...