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Chatbot Icon Helps You Brand Better + 5 Tips & Tricks

By Areeba Khan|2nd Apr 2019
Just like any employee associated with your company your chatbot must be presentable in each and every way
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It is very important for your brand to deliver the right tone of voice. Whether its your employees, the products/services you offer or the kinds of advertisement that you run.

Just like any other channel that reflects your brand, a chatbot should also fit within your brand image.

Let me explain…

Why You Should Brand Your Chatbot

Chatbot may just be a program for you but for your users, the experience they receive matters.

According to latest stats, only 11% of 37% consumers, who interacted with a messaging chatbot actually purchased through it.

source: statista.com

What could be the reason?

According to Chatbot UX expert Oscar Ibars:

“Without a heart or personality, it will be difficult for your audience to connect with your chatbot and build a strong, emotional tie with your brand”.

I am not saying all 26 percent of the potential buyers left because the chatbot was not branded enough.

But I can give you hundreds of successful online businesses using AI and earning customer trust with two things.

Delivering Quality and Brand.

How Can a Custom Chatbot Help Your Brand?

While interacting with your customers, your chatbot is, in fact, your brand representative.

The Way your ChatBot Delivers the Tone of your Brand is equally important to the Message it Delivers to your Customers.

For instance, having a chatbot icon adds life to your chat window. A fun looking character instantly adds to the basic human-bot interaction. It can potentially increase your chances of generating qualified leads as well.

Siri, Cortana, Alexa all have a personality, don't they? That's what makes it easier to identify and differentiate from one another.

However, creating an awesome Chatbot Icon is not enough to brand you. There are many other things that accumulate customer experience.

Botsify is a Chatbot Building platform where you can create a human-like, engaging chatbot for your brand. The platform offers several pre-designed tools that help speed up repetitive processes for you.

10 Ways Botsify Chatbots Help Your Brand

  1. You can create a brand image of your website chatbot according to the nature of your brand.
  2. A warm welcome message will give an instant positive image of yours!
  3. You can give your chatbot a name, you can control how your chatbot responds to emojis, slang, and emotions.
  4. You can integrate several apps with your Chabot like Shopify, so you can collect payments from your customers within the chat window.
  5. You can Generate Leads, Book appointments and take order using Conversational Forms.
  6. You can add images, videos, buttons, slideshows, and other media to your chatbot’s script.
  7. You can send out broadcast messages to your audience whenever you want.
  8. You can send reminders to users who leave without providing complete information to your chatbot.
  9. You can Generate your own Facebook Messenger Code using Botsify and convert your offline customers to your Messenger Audience List.
  10. You can create a Multilingual chatbot that responds to as many languages as you want! Botsify caters to every region & every language in the world!

Here’s how to Brand Your Chatbot using Botsify

  • Go to Botsify.com and Login to your account.
  • On the side menu, click on “Chatbot for Website” and when the drop down expands, select “Branding”.
  • You will see several options to customize the appearance of your chatbot at the customer end.

  • Add your Chatbot Icon.
  • Enter the name of your Bot Representative.
  • Add an email address you would want to receive complaints and queries on.
  • Add a customized Home Message that appears before your user sends you a message.
  • Select the Primary color that you want your chat window to be in. You can choose your brand color or as per your wish.
  • Lastly, select the color of your icon that will appear at the bottom of your chatbot.

Tips to Create an Engaging & Brand Accurate Chatbot

Here are a few tips to help you begin with…

1. Make your Chatbot Brand Consistent

When customizing your chatbot, consider it one of the channels your brand connects with its audience. Do not for a second think about replicating a cool interactive chatbot of some brand, just for the sake of it.

Your chatbot must always reflect your tone, your identity and your ideology as a brand.

2. Always Provide Value

Remember one thing when you are investing into chatbots, always provide value to your users in order to build a brand image. But do not expect your audience to give you something in return every time.

3. Make it Engaging

One of the most interesting Facebook Messenger Bots is Whole Foods.

Their chatbot provides product info, recipes & cooking inspirational content.

They use optimized button-like-options to categorize types of recipes, foods and more until the user has enough items to make a dish. Then the chatbot redirects them to a recipe on the website.

4. Build a Customer Journey through Chatbot

Teach your chatbot to remember the choices a user makes, and provide relevant information to them the next time.

Surprise them by providing quality and timely support. So that they remain loyal to not just your service but your brand as a whole.

5. Train it until you Make it!

It's completely okay when your chatbot fails, it shows that your bot is unable to understand a customer. In other words, the user is telling you exactly what you want and add to your bot’s vocabulary. Simply teach your chatbot to do better the next time!

Wish to Learn More Chatbot Branding Tips and Tricks? Read the Complete Article Here

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