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How are cloud communication solutions helping businesses?

A Quick Overview of Cloud Communication Solutions

How are cloud communication solutions helping businesses?

Saturday April 18, 2020,

5 min Read

What is a cloud-based communication solution?

The cloud-based communication system is an internet-based data and voice communication system where an organization can host telecommunication applications. Nowadays, the majority of the firms agree with the fact that the cloud is not only robust but also offers flexibility.

The cloud-based solution allows organizations to host meetings and stay connected with their clients even when they are not able to meet them physically. In addition to that, it allows businesses to collaborate with their teams in a cloud environment with the help of the internet. Now, you can move your business collaboration and communication to the cloud platforms quite effortlessly with the help of virtual PBX.

By leveraging the top-rated VoIP phone system solutions, you can boost the communication requirements of your contact center business.

There are various cloud communications software available in the market and they provide solutions that help in effortless communication at a much lower cost as compared to physical meetings. Always look for the service provider who offers robust and reliable phone network solutions. Also, who can provide you with prompt support when it comes to assistance or even when you are confused between various IP or VoIP plans.

There are various innovative applications of cloud-based communications such as e-commerce, advertising, payment processing, human resources, and more. The adoption of cloud services has proven to improve the overall productivity of the employees. It not only saves the travel costs but also allows businesses to enter a more easily accessible digital world.

Moreover, it allows the organization to share vital files via cloud effortlessly and with utmost security. When it comes to small or medium scale business, setting up an VoIP infrastructure can be too expensive. Whereas, on the other hand, they can opt for the similar facilities via cloud-based communications solutions at much lower costs or even sometimes for free.

Features of cloud-based communication system

If you are opting for a high-quality cloud-based communication system then you can enjoy a host of powerful and secured network solutions. The heavily packed features will allow you to streamline all the communications related to your business in the most productive way.

Some of the innovative features that you should expect from your next cloud-based communication service providers: Caller ID, Conference Bridge, Do not disturb, Call Voice Tagging, Call Distribution, Call Queue management, Call Transfer, Call Blocking, Custom Call Deposition, Blended Call Management, 3-Way calling, Predictive calling, Multi-level hoster IVR, Real-time visual call display and more.

How are cloud-based communication solutions helping businesses to increase productivity?

To get the most out of your call center business, you should consider using cloud-based communication solutions, which come with the following benefits:

Allows remote functioning:

Cloud-based communication solution allows you to organize meetings with clients or employees from different locations. This allows you to increase the global reach of your business and at the same time save the cost of travelling.

A cloud-based communication system can also permit you to serve your customers right from your office without physically visiting them. This not only improves the relationship with your customers but also improves your brand image.

Seamless business collaboration and integration: 

A business includes tons of files that need to be shared and stored efficiently and securely. Whenever a business shifts to the cloud, all the files and data are stored at the same place. This helps you to search for them anytime and anywhere, allowing you to share them with your team members with ease.

Moreover, a cloud-based communication system allows the employees to create, edit and share the files in real-time. With the help of this solution, teams can work together in a more effective way, which, in return, will help improve the productivity of the business, no matter whether they are in the same room or miles apart.

For higher business growth, an efficient cloud-based solution like The Real PBX should be capable of integrating with the popular business applications such as Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Google Contacts, Microsoft Dynamics, Office 365, Hubspot, and Pipedrive.

Store data securely:

Keeping the data safe and secure is one of the most crucial things and no one would be happy to lose their vital data. If you are opting for a trusted cloud-based communication solution, then it will surely take security seriously and keep your data safe against any sort of threats.

Moreover, such a service provider would also help you in meeting the compliance obligations. Having said that, some of the cloud solutions have better security if compared to traditional IT systems. Besides, all the data is stored in the cloud so there’s no chance of losing them, which generally happens when you store the data in a piece of hardware.


There are a variety of subscriptions offered by cloud-based communication systems and you can choose them according to your needs and budget. Moreover, if you are planning to opt for the top-of-the-line subscription, then also you will be paying much less if you opted for the same features in traditional IT systems.

In addition to that, you are not required to pay anything for the hardware as it is a cloud-based software. You can simply install it in the systems present in your organization and there are no licensing costs charged as well. Also, if you are a startup, you can opt for the free subscription that comes with all the standard features you would require and later upgrade the system as your company grows.

The business world is getting complex and modernized day by day. Hence, it is high time to shift to reliable, robust and more cost-effective cloud-based communication services. It is one of the most popular and competent solutions that can surely improve the overall productivity of your business. If you are planning to improve the success rates of your firm, then making the switch from the traditional IT systems to the cloud-based communication solutions would be a great start!