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Why is Coronavirus Tracker App Development the Need of the Hour?

Why is Coronavirus Tracker App Development the Need of the Hour?

Thursday April 30, 2020,

8 min Read

People’s minds are preoccupied with a single thought. One major concern for people all over the world nowadays is the coronavirus pandemic. The disease is becoming intense day-by-day, that almost 3 million people have already tested positive. According to scientists, it could take at least a year to develop the vaccine for the disease. People’s fears are evident in the signs of empty streets across the world. People are in self-isolation, thereby increasing their chances of survival. 

People need awareness of the symptoms of the disease, the transmission, as well as the preventive measures. Media outlets are constantly emphasizing on the mortality rates and newly added cases. This has led to increased agitation among people. Instead of pacifying them, these mass media platforms are adding fuel to the fire. People are in need of a smartphone application that can provide the exact details regarding the pandemic. Moreover, they need access to important suggestions and tips provided by healthcare experts. To aid this context, a coronavirus tracker app can suit the needs of people instantly. In this blog, let’s discuss the development of a COVID-19 tracker app


‘The impact of COVID-19 cannot be resolved easily’ 

Let’s look into the damage caused by the pandemic. 

  • The total coronavirus cases have reached a staggering value of around 3 million as of April 27. 
  • The casualty count keeps mounting day-by-day and is currently at 207,000. 
  • While 880,000 have recovered from the disease, almost 100,000 new cases are added to the list. 
  • The US tops the list with almost 1 million cases to its account. 
  • Almost 190 countries across the world have reported at least one case of the disease. 
  • It is predicted that the mortality rate of COVID-19 is very high when compared to the Spanish flu disease of 1918. 

The impact of the virus proves to us that it cannot be resolved easily. It will take a monumental effort for the globe to resurrect from these effects. 


‘Coronavirus tracker app is the need of the hour’ 

Now, why do people need a tracker app in the first place? Let’s discuss certain key factors that contribute to its need. 

  • People need more knowledge about the disease. 
  • People need to be well aware of the symptoms of the disease. 
  • People need to know how to safeguard themselves from disease contraction by adopting certain preventive measures. 
  • People need a reliant system to self assess the probability of infection. 
  • People need to know the intensity of the disease in their locality. 
  • People need to know the test results across the world, sitting at a single place. 

A coronavirus tracker app can cater to all these needs of the people. Hence, the need for a tracker app is mandatory in situations like these. 


‘The tracker app can offer a complete solution’ 

The COVID-19 tracker app can benefit users in different ways. Before venturing into the benefits of the tracker app, let’s take a look at the ways of developing a tracker app. 

  • A separate smartphone application: The tracker app can be developed as a stand-alone application. In this type, the app is completely dedicated to offer information and updates of the coronavirus. Users of the app get exclusive updates on the happenings of the world revolving the pandemic. Moreover, they get instructions, health tips, etc., from healthcare experts across the world. In simpler terms, a separate smartphone application can be a one-stop destination for people about COVID-19. 
  • Integration as a plugin or an add-on: Business owners across the world need to ensure their users’ safety. In these undesirable situations, they intend to offer instructions or updates regarding the infection through their respective apps. To sort this issue, this Coronavirus tracker app solution can be integrated as a plugin, as well. Multiple apps like food delivery, grocery delivery apps, etc., can integrate this add-on, providing valuable information to their users. 

This way, in addition to offering services, these apps can provide insights and updates of the pandemic, as well. 

It completely depends on the business owners’ recommendation to either develop a separate smartphone application or integrate the tracker app as a plugin to existing apps. Either way, people are greatly benefited by these tracker apps. 

‘Key features can help people in need’ 

Features of the app determine the longevity of the app in the market. Being an informative and innovative smartphone application, your app should house in a number of features that can benefit millions of people across the world. 

Features of the User app: 

  • User registration: Upon downloading, users register in the app by providing specific information. 
  • Location-based results: With the in-app navigation facilities, the app identifies the location of the users. The app provides relevant updates of the infection on the particular locality. 
  • COVID-19 Instructions: Users are provided with instructions regarding the disease symptoms, preventive measures, etc., with this feature. 
  • Self Assessment: Users are asked basic questions to assess the probability of infection like age, symptoms, cold, fever, etc. The users get to know if they need external medical assistance with this feature. 
  • Suggestions and tips: Various articles on COVID-19 are made available to users in the app. These articles by healthcare experts can let users stay updated about the disease. 
  • Push notifications: Users are notified instantly regarding important facts or suggestions with the help of push notifications. This feature increases the reliability of users towards the app. 

Features of Admin panel: 

It is the role of the admin to monitor app activities and let users stay ahead in the race against the virus. Some of the key admin panel features can be, 

  • Update COVID-19 Instructions: Admins need to provide the latest information on the pandemic. Hence, it is the duty of admins to update instructions as specified by health departments across the world. 
  • Send alerts to users: Admins can quickly reach out to users in certain hotspots in the form of alerts. These alerts are usually push notifications to users. Important information can be passed on to users in no time. 
  • Intuitive dashboard: With an intuitive dashboard, admins can monitor the app activities and provide best-in-class services to millions of app users. 

‘The tracker app must be user-friendly’ 

You need to visualize your app workflow before venturing into any app development. In this case, too, you need to identify your workflow of the tracker app. Let’s jot down the workflow here, 

  • Users register in the app after downloading the app from the Playstore or the App Store. 
  • Users are asked specific details such as age, health conditions, weight, height, etc. 
  • After specifying these details, they are prompted to provide any symptoms they face on a daily basis. Symptoms include fever, continuous cough, chest pain, diarrhea, etc. 
  • The data collected from the users is stored securely and shared with medical professionals. 
  • Users are provided with suggestions from experts, and they get to know additional information on the spread of disease, safety measures, etc. 

This is how the COVID-19 tracker app works efficiently to help people in need. 


‘There are certain factors to be considered before app development initiation’ 

While developing an app can be simple and profitable, there are factors to be considered before app development. They include, 

  • Storing user details: Users fill out their personal details in the app. Hence, storing these details safely is mandatory. Encrypting these details on secure databases can be a solution to this factor. 
  • Adhering to medical standards: Being a healthcare app, your app should comply with the latest medical standards available. Some of the recent healthcare standards include HIPAA, EHR, etc. Hence, make sure your app adheres to the latest medical standards. 
  • Providing information from verified sources: There are millions of sources on the Internet providing information on COVID-19. Make sure you provide information to your users from the most verified sources available. This way, you’ll ensure users’ safety and increase the reliability of the app among users. 

These are certain key factors worth considering before initiating a COVID-19 tracker app development. 

‘Latest technologies can scale your app’ 

You can improve your app’s sustainability and scale your app globally by developing your app according to the latest technologies. The technology stack used in the development include, 

  • MySQL
  • Linux
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Flutter
  • Node JS
  • Amazon Web services
  • Google Cloud

Wrapping up, 

In times like these, people expect a ray of positive hope to carry their lives forward. Media coverages are making them sick and gloomy regarding the situation. Your coronavirus tracker app can be a reliable smartphone application providing overall coverage of the coronavirus. With such huge impacts, people need to be well aware of the coronavirus pandemic. Providing updates on the transmission of disease, health suggestions, etc., can greatly eliminate people’s fears. The more updated they are, the easier it is to fight the disease. Periodical app maintenance can increase the sustainability of the app. While business owners can gain revenue from the app, they can also serve millions of people around the world with the necessary information. With various benefits, the coronavirus tracker app can reach out to distressed people and resurrect the world back to its state!