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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Airbnb?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Airbnb?

Tuesday May 19, 2020,

4 min Read

The freelance economy is gaining attention. For tourists, people prefer to share their apartments and earn rent. Airbnb is one of the world's most used booking sites.

Therefore, the concerns arise —how much does Airbnb app development cost? We've prepared the full guide and covered topics such as the Airbnb business model, the functionality needed, and the estimated cost of the service's mobile app (both iOS and Android) and web edition.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a travel platform planned to rent apartments from around the world. Airbnb offers a convenient alternative for landowners and short term lodging hunters. It is a digital portal that acts as a marketplace and social atmosphere for 'hosts,' people who benefit by renting out their properties to 'guests,' who, in effect, aim to enrich their round-the-globe experiences by reserving cheap hosted lodging and getting the ability to connect with locals. The platform operates worldwide in over 190 countries.

How does Airbnb work?

Airbnb has two app forms-visitors and landlords.

It is a complex service that offers users loads of functionality. You should grasp the nature of the network from the client's point of view, to create an app like Airbnb.

Unique Value Proposition


· May take advantage of renting rooms.

· Get the Airbnb cover.

· Let your land free photoshoots.


· Booking a home with a local host to get the insight of an insider.

· It can pick from a broad variety of prices, single.

· Destinations and accommodation choices.


· Provides the listed properties with insurance.

· Facilitates the method of reserving travelers’ living rooms.

· Provides a framework for ranking and analysis of hosts and visitors.

Steps to make an app like Airbnb

How to develop an Airbnb App framework? There are some essential measures you need to take to make a productive and viable project.

  • Step 1. Start building a business strategy. A concept isn't enough to come up with. To achieve your ambitions and keep focused you need to make a business strategy.
  • Step 2. Find certain entrepreneurs. You need to work with an established development team to create an Airbnb clone app. There are two common options these days-developers of in-house or outsource apps.
  • Step 3. Proceed. Create a template that is user friendly. The interface of the Airbnb software is simple and easy to use. Users prefer to leave unattractive mobile features, so it's best to take care of the UI / UX configuration in advance.
  • Step 4. Integrate several features. Construction of an app like Airbnb is popular starting with a few simple features. The service's MVP edition helps users to get some feedback and consider their needs. After that, a few specialized features can be added to make the application exclusive.
  • Step 5. Test out the app. The program will be reviewed thoroughly before launch to remove glitches and give consumers a better experience.
  • Step 6. Open the app, and periodically refresh it. It's important to update the app periodically and deliver fresh and exciting functionality for consumers.

Cost to develop an app like Airbnb

Project costs depend on several factors:

· Size and position of a project.

· Number of platforms (iOS, Android, cross-platform) to create an app.

· Functionality collection and technical features difficulty.

· Stacking technology.

· Degree if versatility of design.

· Solutions in architecture and more.

Finding rough estimates of Airbnb App costs on the net is not a problem. Live discussions are taking place on Quora, Youtube, and other trusted outlets. Just enough to give you a general insight into what to expect.

The hours for 'must-have’ features add up as follows:

· UI architecture – 220-350 hours.

· Mobile growth – 340-480 hours.

· Backend Technology -200-350 hrs

· Project manager – 30% of construction costs – between 160 and 225 hours.

· QA Engineer-30% of production costs-160-225 hours.

· Total (length) – 1120-1570 hours.

· Total (cost)-$ 39200-$54950.

It is Your MVP's total expense.


The online travel industry continues to expand. That is why they hire mobile app developer for a traveling app like Airbnb might bring your startup a significant profit. You might think about your traveling app when you know about critical Airbnb features, its competitors, and the cost of growth.

When thinking about features, it is important to note that the rough timing shown below encompasses all stages from drawing logic to developing a function. Elements from basic and simple to additional and complex are also described.