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COVID-19- Bringing Global Academic Activity & Progress to An All-Time Low

The Diverse Benefits Of Partaking In Virtual Conferences/ Video Conferences

COVID-19- Bringing Global Academic Activity & Progress to An All-Time Low

Tuesday March 31, 2020,

5 min Read

How useful for Video Conference / Virtual Conference in the current situation - COVID -19

The novel Coronavirus pandemic that has spread far and wide in only a matter of a few weeks has brought the globe to a standstill. All aspects of day-to-day life have taken a hit, including crucial elements of academia such as research, learning, scientific exploration, networking, skill development, etc. Conferences are no more an option owing to the extensive precautionary measures that have been put in place by governments throughout the world, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to mitigate its disastrous effects on both human life and the global economy. Measures such as -

●    Nationwide Lockdowns,

●    Stringent Curfews,

●    Social Distancing Norms, and

●    Quarantines,

have been implemented in all countries (both developed and developing) around the world, as no cure or vaccine has been developed against the novel Coronavirus as of yet.

Although all sectors of industry and economy have been hit severely, the segment that is actually responsible for the advancement of technology and the quality of human life - Academic has also taken a hit. It is the responsibility of researchers, academics, scientists, scholars, students, entrepreneurs, and industry R&D experts to facilitate this advancement by learning more, networking, forming collaborative partnerships, gaining new skills, conducting further research, etc. Most of this progress is facilitated by international conferences, that for obvious reasons have been halted entirely.

However, the power of technology has made it possible for this progress to go on by enabling such conferences to be conducted virtually. Virtual conferences are being organized so that people anywhere in the world may gather on a common platform (much like they would in a physical conference) to see to the progress of their respective disciplines.

The Diverse Benefits Of Partaking In Virtual Conferences

One might be under the impression that virtual conferences are nothing like physical conferences and are of no consequence whatsoever. This is, however, far from the truth. Virtual conferences offer delegates who take part in them all the benefits that physical conferences offer and more. Some of these include benefits such as -

●    Allows For The Dispensing Of A Broad Variety Of Information/Data

Technological advancement has made it possible for attendees of virtual international conferences to enjoy access to way more information and data on the latest research and advanced topics in their discipline, that they wouldn't be able to get their hands on at a physical conference. Real-time data sharing is made possible by the advanced virtual conference software that is being employed in the modern-day. This technology has already been in place for a long time, and in the time of a global crisis (that the world is currently in, with the spread of the novel Coronavirus pandemic), it makes complete sense for all professionals eager to take part in conferences and secure professional growth, to take full advantage of this technology.

●    Elevates Productivity Levels Tremendously

Studies have proven that a candidate taking part in a virtual conference is more often than not, highly likely to be way more productive and engaged in such a setting than in a physical setting. This is owing to factors such as the -

○    convenience of learning from home,

○    the comfort of an informal setting,

○    ease of collaboration and communication.

Therefore, in a period of lockdown, curfews, and social distancing, when most people are forced to stay at home, people who take part in virtual conferences can actually spend their time being more productive and securing their own personal growth and progress as well as the elevation of their disciplines in general.

●    Save On Numerous Expenditures & Lost Time

Taking part in a physical conference involves significant investment on the part of a delegate. Right from -

○    accommodation,

○    travel,

○    meals, and

○    other miscellaneous expenditures,

candidates have to shell out a lot of money to take part in a conference to learn and gain as much as they can in comfort.

With virtual conferences, all these costs are negated. All one needs to take part in a great virtual conference is a decent internet connection, and a webcam as well as a microphone, in case the conference involves interactive Q&A sessions, debates, etc.

Another massive advantage that taking part in a virtual conference offers delegates is that they save on an abundance of otherwise lost time. This time spent indoors and in confinement can be turned into a time of great productivity, growth, and activity.

●    Scope For Extensive Reflection 

Those who attend physical conferences rarely find the time to reflect on what they've learned and experienced. With virtual conferences not only does one get the time to take careful notes of everything they learned, but also spend time in careful reflection. This, in turn, helps in -

○    retaining new concepts better,

○    identifying doubts and queries,

○    solidifying all acquired ideas and strategies,

○    focussing on gaining more information.

Spend your time in confinement at home useful, by taking part in virtual conferences. Begin today, and realize the tremendous progress that you have made at the end of the pandemic!