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Why create News App Kickstart your online Magazine?

Why create News App Kickstart your online Magazine?

Saturday March 14, 2020,

6 min Read

Are you still relying on the traditional newspaper that was dropped by a delivery person? It’s high time to change to save our environment. With the introduction of ePaper, you can easily get news at your figure tips. Talking about various domains that have given their online presence worldwide is through Mobile Development Applications. If you have a news app you can also attract users by offering them live and running online magazines.

According to the survey done by Statista that 50% of the traffic we can produce through smartphones and the ratio is increasing every year. As an Android app development company, we can suggest to develop a news app and boost client experience by giving them better.

What challenges that media outlets face?

  • Low Engagement Rates as media prefer to discuss the news on social media rather than onsite.
  • Increase in Churn Rates which happens due to mistake in articles where writers often squeeze deadlines which is quite expensive.
  • Low media incomes as users install adblockers to get rid of annoying banner ads as they can focus on the content part.

So, how to attract more users that are loyal and can help in do better? Know how we can do this?

Why invest in News application?

You’ll find several reasons for investing in developing a news app for your online magazine to carry out great business. A few of them are listed below.

  • Most people prefer using mobile apps over websites

Referring to online shopping, there are more than 70% of users making purchases online through smartphones. So we can estimate that mobile users are more compared to web browsers. The survey was carried out to find out the reason for increased mobile users and the conclusion was it was simple to browse, quick, flexible and comes with the best UI.

  • Apps give better User Experience

You can Hire Android App Developer to develop smart mobile News application. Some users are annoyed by content such as ads, images, videos, pop-up stories and more which should be avoided to stay visitor focused and read the whole news. Moreover, News that we get in the mobile app consumes less space compared to the larger system and less navigation required.

  • Better UI

Any news application should have a great UI feature to attract users by giving them easy search options. You can also hire android app developer or hire iOS developers depending on the platform you choose to highlight customer and their needs. The search options should give well-organized segments and great content which is highly readable to the user. Moreover, you can integrate the more appealing feature with covering relevant audio, video and image data to help the user get better information. The app should be developed in such a way that you can modify the content according to your requirements. Good content and UI can attract user attention.

  • Comes with Push Notification

It depends on the user if the user wants to access the updated news through push notification they can enable the notify button. The feature can be managed by the user and help them improve the reader base.

  • Easy Navigation

The primary target of the news app is to offer users fresh and easy navigation that relates to the reader’s preferences. You can create different groups and the user can join the one that is suitable for them. Besides you can add various categories from where users can view and read articles with ease. In case of any doubt, you can hire an iOS programmer or consult any mobile development company to help you develop a mobile app with easy navigation. One can also spotlight live videos, breaking news and other trending topics to grabs user’s attention.

  • Get Connected with Social Media

We can assume that an online magazine is trust-worthy and how they’ll reach the remaining world with an increasing user base. The best solution here is by connecting with social media networks. One can promote its news app by promoting it on the social platform and share specific news overall social hubs.

How can online magazines make money through Mobile Apps?

An online magazine can help in generating revenue in different ways. A most common strategy for a publisher is they can make their app free downloads where the content is free to access. One can generate revenue through mobile ads, banner ads that run on the top of the app. No doubt, it’s often struggling for smaller online publishers to get higher ROI.

One can successfully subscribe to programs that allow free app download but can only access the content after they subscribe. So after the user who is subscribed to your application, they are allowed to use the application free of ads. This will help users and readers to get a better experience and drive more app downloads.

All Magazine publisher has rights to opt for different types of content across all multiple platforms and find the best way to monetize the mobile application. Additionally, the magazine can charge extra for the existing subscribers to access exclusive content. However, this isn’t enough you have to also add innovative features that bring in significant revenue.

What else a News App requires?

You may find different things all around while seeking for mobile development to increase your news business. Few of them are listed below:

  • Hybrid or Native App
  • You can choose the Hybrid or Native app to get better performance for Non-text Content.
  • For higher responsive, customised and user-friendly interface
  • For Top-Class Security for mobile apps
  • To access all Native APIs
  • CMS (Content Management System)

It helps to upload articles as per different sizes, styles, animations, videos, and audio. There are famous industries such as BBC, CNN, NewYork Times have their own CMS to offer their readers better resolution with better quality.

  • Metered Paywall

This is a methodology used for paid subscribers which allows news companies to limit the content available for free. For example, you can give three articles free read and later can charge for further subscriptions. Big companies are using this strategy by building a dedicated news app with providing user-friendly navigation and well-structured content. Give your user a personalised experience with trying this mechanism.

Ending Lines

Well, you must be pretty sure after reading the above reasons why we should build a News application for branding our online magazine marketing. Stand out in the market and promote your online magazine by getting better mobile app development and reach out to several people across the world. You can also hire a developer from a reputed company like Concetto as we have a team of professional developers to give your idea the wings to fly high.