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Astride Towards Creating an Ecosystem for Self-Reliance in Manufacturing Sector

Sometimes we’re tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths.

Astride Towards Creating an Ecosystem for Self-Reliance in Manufacturing Sector

Monday June 29, 2020,

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As India is looking ahead to becoming Atmanirbhar the most important word that is going to play an essential role in achieving this goal is ‘Organization’.

A popular economics theory propels that no country can think of a substantial development without incorporating ‘manufacturing phase’ in its growth strategy. The notion that India designed its growth strategy from investment in the ‘Primary Phase’ directly to the ‘Services Phase’ bypassing the ‘Manufacturing Phase’ explains to an extent - why the manufacturing sector in India is so void of a proper organization backed by reforms, and why India is still relying on foreign economies for ‘Imports’.

Lack of Business Empower Intiatives

But it’s better late than never. While the Prime Minister seems all prepared to combat the forces of negative disruption caused due to the COVID19 debacle topped by a massive fall in GDP and a stand-off in the Indo-Sino border, it’s the right time to embrace the ‘Indianness’ we usually talk about in theory but never apply it in practice. Time is just right to turntables in our favour and becomes a state that’s characterized by strong backbone by helping each other. 

As Swami Vivekananda once said, “In your country clothes makes a gentleman, in my country character does”, it’s time to embark on a journey where the character of resilience can pave a path to making India a world powerhouse. How can this be possible? What’s the roadmap?? Well, it starts with smaller steps leading to the bigger ones.

Scaling up MSME During Pandemic

A report suggests that the MSMEs are going to see a substantial dip of 17-21% in gross revenue reason being the unprecedented lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic and complete economic shutdown for 2-3 months.

The shutdown has rendered industries (especially the Micro, Medium and Small-Scale Enterprise) with very little working capital. The pandemic also caused a massive exodus of migrant labourers. Lack of working capital, labour exodus and a pandemic, despite the 3000 crores package for the MSMEs, the immediate recovery seems to be quite unlikely, until and unless the basics are brought back on track. 

Disorganization of Migrant Labours Among Other Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has rendered the ‘unskilled labour’ disorganized. The unprecedented lockdown in the country forced the migrant labourers to leave the industrials hubs (because of non-functionality) and go back to their native lands. COVID-19 unearthed the problem with the unskilled labourers/migrant labourers and what we could visualize was a mere tip of the colossal iceberg.

The problem is grave and it needs corrective actions for the modus-operand of the manufacturing sector to be linear and the one where each and every stakeholder stands on a level playing field. The prerequisite is to create a channel which can address the problems of ‘unskilled labour’ mapping. In times like these, a platform, an innovation that brings employers and employees close is a necessity. 

Need For An Hour

Also, in India, we have very few channels which act as a channel for unskilled labourers, and due to a dearth of information. This makes headhunting of unskilled/manual workforce for the new as well as the old businesses a tough nut to crack. Also, labourers face extreme difficulties in job hunting and MSME face difficulties in hiring suitable employees.

To create an ecosystem where employee-employer can link and where both the stakeholders can get in touch with one click, Vegavid technology has come up with an innovative solution, aimed at mitigating the related hassles.

MyRojgaar Application by Vegavid technology is one such application which is aimed at creating a channel that can help unemployed poor labourers get employment at a click of a button and this can help to mitigate unnecessary hassles and extra burden on the part of the employers to equip the unskilled labourers, thus ensuring overall efficiency and productivity.

Such an application would fulfil the dream of ‘Atmanirbharta’, making the Indian workforce atmanirbhar on themselves for their families.

What we ask for is support! 

Unwavering support !

Supporting Indian Labours

The support which can help us create India’s biggest platform for the employment of manual labourers. This, no one in future has to think twice before venturing out to find jobs of their interest. The support would help the beloved manpower of India in more ways than one and thus ‘organizing’ the entire unorganized scheme of things. The support of businesses/MSMEs are also needed. The support which can bring this potential big dream to the forefront.

Together we can strive to create an environment which would help India supersede any challenges, and which would help the prophecy of ‘self-sufficient’ India become concrete.