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Cyber Security Threats of Biometric Systems and Their Cure

Cyber Security Threats of Biometric Systems and Their Cure

Tuesday October 30, 2018,

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The advancements in technology occur with the motive of making the world a better place to live in. They are there to facilitate humans in performing various tasks. This has increased to a level that most of the people are dependent on technology for most of their work. The dependence has resulted in a great number of threats to security. Most of the part of technology is all about digital advancements. The digital advancements have resulted in making almost everything available online. This has given birth to a new threat called as the cybersecurity threat. Security is important when personal details are concerned but it is compromised because of such threats. 

Cybersecurity threats

The growing digitization is generating more and more need for cybersecurity. Compromising with cybersecurity may result in the release of confidential information which may be a threat to an individual or nation. The threat may be to an individual, group of individuals, an organization, or an authority. It spares no one. For those who still lack the knowledge of cyber crimes and cyber security here is a brief:

The term cybersecurity refers to the security of computer systems, their hardware, software outsourcing India, or electronic data. And, a threat to the security of this is referred to as a cybersecurity threat. Many hackers and miscreants misuse the technology to do crimes and the crime which is related to these cyber systems is known as cybercrime. There has been a considerable growth in the cyber crimes in the world and this needs to be stopped to protect the privacy of an individual.

What are biometric systems?

Biometrics refers to the personal and permanent information of an individual lie a fingerprint or DNA or other human characteristics. The systems that use such kind of personal information to perform certain functions are termed as biometric systems. The biometrics are also a proof of identity at most of the places.

The most common example of a biometric system is the fingerprint scanner that can be easily seen in hospitals and various offices. It serves as one of the finest advancements of technology and has proved to be helpful. These systems allow only those individuals to pass through whose bio-metrics (fingerprints) match with the ones stored in the system. This is one of the finest ways to ensure security. Also, it finds its great use as an attendance recorder.

Threats of biometric systems

Despite being one of the finest technology advancements, the field faces a lot of security threats. The miscreants remain one step forward which has resulted in a security threat to biometric systems as well. At present, it is hard to accept the credibility of a biometric system because of the growing security threats. The miscreants don’t leave a single way to gather the kind of sensitive information they want. This becomes a threat for nations as it may allow a terrorist to gather the sensitive information of a nation and use it to fulfill harmful intentions.

What is the cure?

The first and foremost thing is to be strict on cybersecurity laws and give proper punishment to those who violate the law. It is not impossible to deal with cybersecurity threats of biometric systems. These are created by man and therefore can be prevented by man. Advanced technology must be used to protect a confidential information. Also, it is important to make individuals aware of such threats and suggest them precautions while using any confidential or personal information. This way cybersecurity threats can be reduced to a lot extent and the purpose of technology advancements in all fields will be fulfilled.

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