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The home for children of god

The home for children of god

Tuesday December 13, 2016,

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This organization is the result of social work undertaken by Mrs.N.Vanitha Rengaraj, as President of rotary inner wheel club of Pollachi, in 1996-97.all the steps she took for the improvement did not reach the children and then she decided that the burning desire within her to work for the poor children will be put in reality. Thus the born of the home for the children of god Sharanalayam, on 29th Jan 2001. Started in the rental premises with 7 children picked from the nearby slums and Railway station.

The scare of the strength was always in the back of the mind of the Mother of all these children as the whole project is a one woman show. She is none other than lovingly called THAIYAMMA .a PROFESSOR IN THE LOCAL Arts and Science college. She devotes all her time after classes to the cause of the needy people.

Sharanalayam have vowed to make a difference in the lives of little ones.They realize that every child has the right to a healthy and happy childhood. They have taken upon ourselves the sacred duty of providing them with warmth, care and education.

Thaiyamma,{Madem.Vanitha} have brought ray of hope in many children’s life. Give training and therapies to Children under Autism spectrum Disorder to integrate them into mainstream society.

Create public awareness about Autism and the difference between Mental retardation and Autism. Also create awareness that these children can definitely be an earning member in our community if they are trained from their childhood.

Support parents and counsel them to overcome denial.

In the last 16 years this organization has been able to change the faces of more than 150 normal children right from a new born baby to 85 years old un cared aged souls find a home here.

Giving food and shelter to nearly 70 abandoned mentally ill adults and children.Developed a divine campus in an area of 1-5 acres with the built up area of nearly 15,000 sq.ft exclusively for the sake of these less privileged children of God, developed community care center named JHEEVAN exclusively for the HIV/AIDS affected people and children.

All patients are given rich food clothing and free medical support. counselling for the continued support of the family to the AIDS AFFECTED PATIENTS without fear and stigma of the disease.

Developed a specialized adaption center called Sweehar, more 50 children are given under foster care.

Started specialized training center in 2013 for Autistic children, integrated 3 children to the main stream of education out of 20 in past 2 years.


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