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How to clear ghost jams out of a duplex printer

Clearing printer ghost jams can be difficult for you if you do not know the exact steps. Below are some simple things that you can do to clear ghost jams in a Duplex printer.

How to clear ghost jams out of a duplex printer

Wednesday January 31, 2018,

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Troubleshooting printer problems 

Troubleshooting printer problems 

When a duplex printer displays an error message indicating a paper jam on PC and if does not exist it’s called ‘Ghost Jams’. Tech professionals, who are into troubleshooting printer problems says that such problems occur out of previous paper jams in the laser printer that prints both sides.

In fact, paper bits lodged in between the gears moving the duplexer of the printer may leave the device into assuming that there is something stuck in the duplexer itself and not in the gear. If ghost jams occur in your duplex printer, you can follow the below steps in order to clear shredded paper manually.

• Take off the rear duplexer from the printer and grasp one of the rollers. Are they moving? If not, proceed to the next step.

• Touch the contact points made of brass inside the printer with the duplexer out using a paper clip. Bridging it will make the printer think that duplexer still exists inside. Keep the contact until you reach the last step to troubleshoot ghost jams.

• In the control panel of the duplex printer, press Ok.

• Look in the gears. If they freeze, chances are paper bits are lodged inside the printer. You should clear it from the plastic gears. For that, grasp the rubber roller of the printer and rotate it. Look for paper bits in the gear’s teeth and clear it. Once it’s done, take off the paper clip and reassemble parts.