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Explainer Video - boost your conversion rate by 80%.

Explainer Video - boost your conversion rate by 80%.

Saturday September 24, 2016,

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a product video could very well be worth a thousand sales.         

Just adding a video on your landing pages can boost the conversion by 80%                                         1. - Win attention 

2. - Build authority       

3. - Reduce bounce rate    

4.- Tell your story 

5. -   Provide information for users   

6. - Give them something to share about you on their pages and profile.   

you must know people are lazy and prefer to watch vs. read.         

Even research says, people stays on a text only website hardly for six seconds or even less, means no conversion. but a video helps a visitor to stay longer which will lead to high conversion

At manobal studios, we help you with all sorts of videos whether be    

Selfie video -   Which describes a person and the organisation in a very short duration may be in just 23 mins

Motion graphic video - Most eyecatching and funfilled way of pitching a product or a purpose.

3d animations video - Little expensive but most effective way of advertising and Product demonstrations.

Whiteboard animation video - Quite engaging and most popular way of presentation

Explainer Video - Used for introducing a project, company, website or product

Live action video - A must to be done need for a factory/plant/organisation,machinery and customer feedback.

Training videosthe - Most effective way of training all kinds of staff or students.                                        


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