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Rules of perfect e-mail content: How not to look obtrusive and reach your goal

Email marketing is one of the best strategies to keep in touch with our clients. Our marketing campaigns are so much more successful if we have a good email response rate, we personalize emails sent to our customers, and we are always effective when reaching out.

Rules of perfect e-mail content: How not to look obtrusive and reach your goal

Tuesday November 14, 2017,

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But being successful in this field is not easy. It can be challenging multiple times, and it can get frustrating if we do not know how to handle it. If you are not being efficient in your efforts, that means there is something wrong going on. And that means you have to change your tactic if you want to remain in this field. So take a look at my guide on how to stay successful without being obtrusive – I am sure it will help a lot!


Tip #1: Your Customer is Important

Customers are always right, you know that. But there is more to it. Customers need to feel more than respected. They need to feel important – kind of like an essential missing puzzle piece. So always put a name to an email that you are sending! As Antony Stanley, a project manager of AussieWritings states “They want to be perceived as human beings, as we all do. They have to feel special and connected to you. So what better way to show that than by personalizing their emails?”

Tip #2: Use Email Optimization

Make sure you optimize your emails often. If you send the same message over and over again, your customers will get tired of it. There is a big chance they will unsubscribe; because every person has a different interest, you should personalize the titles of your emails as well. For a person who is always interested in saving money, your title should probably say something in the lines of “Down for a quick strategy on how to save money?” You have to grab their attention quickly! At the end,  useyour company’s logo after thanking them for staying proactive.

Good email marketing strategy should have the following structure: addressing your customers by name, using short and smart subject lines, paying attention to what time you are sending the email, and giving something away for free. All these components make emails the key to success!

Tip #3: Offer Enough Space to Your Customers

Our job is to help our clients, and harassing them does not mean helping them. Give them space to breathe and to think. If you are being too obtrusive, they will start feeling uncomfortable. Before I started working in the field, I subscribed to many newsletters just to study the competition. They were nasty – and yes, that is the best word I could use.

These people were harassing me. I gave them my phone number (it was a requirement in the signup sheet), and they were calling me daily with new offers. To be straightforward, they were exhausting and they seemed desperate. This is what you want to avoid when reaching out to your customers. Otherwise, I am pretty sure you’ll lose them.

Tip #4: Automation Might Be Harmful

Automation is essential when we think about time management and quick results. It gets the job done fast, and it is a great tool to use for many reasons. Although we need to keep this ingredient part of our marketing strategy, we have to be careful when we use it. Automation helps us get rid of the monotonous process of an email marketing campaign – but in the same time, letting automation replace us might be harmful. It’s not me or you after all, is it? It’s a robot, and it is not fair to our customers.

Tip #5: Visual Content

Another tool that you can add to your portfolio besides automation is visual content. This will bring you numerous advantages, and so many new customers. Remember! You have to pay attention to the rules of visual content usage on the market – the law of movement, the law of ownership, the law of diversification, the law of channel, and many others. Make sure you are familiar to all of these concepts before using visual content.

Tip #6: It’s the Cell Phone Era

As of 2017, more than 40% of the population uses smartphones around 3 hours per day, while more than 47% uses phones at least one or two hours each day as well. This proves how important technology is in our daily lives. People make use of it all the time. Whenever they have to search for something, they get their phones out and they do it – it’s comfortable and at hand. Therefore, you have to keep in mind that mobiles have become essential in communicating with your clients.

All of your emails should be optimized for mobile devices. No matter if your clients use Android, iOS, or Windows, it is essential that they have access to your information from their phones too.

To Sum-Up

As you very well know, staying connected to your customers is crucial for your marketing campaign. Email is one of the best resources to use in this case. Make the best out of the tools you have available, but don’t overuse them just because it’s easier. Staying true to your customers is what builds up into a strong seller-customer relationship – and isn’t a strong rapport between you two necessary if you want to be successful in your field? 

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