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Inspiring success story of IIBM Institute and its managing pilots

Thursday July 21, 2016,

5 min Read

IIBM India, the leading online management training institute, is the brainchild of the visionary entrepreneur Vikas Maheshwari. IIBM has stepped in its 8th year-age after its inception in April, 2008. The cofounder of this online professional institute was initially inspired by his success in offering professional training for working professionals. Following the path with new approach, he had offered a new vista of skill acquiring technique by establishing a new age institute with multiple industry allied online professional management courses most for Indian professionals and students.

An engineer by profession and qualification, Mr. Vikas Maheshwari had a soft nose for imparting quality education. In fact, besides his job, he started his professional training session for working professional and soon found that there is a huge gap between the expected skillset of an employer from his employees and real life skillset of an employee for doing his/her job.

Vikas, as an extra ordinary visionary, quickly could understand the necessity of bridging the gap by offering quality training and educational support and his initiative was materialized in the name of IIBM Institute. The institute started its operation with 4 member team; presently, total 150+ employees and associates are working here and the institute offers more than 60 industry allied professional management courses suitable for working professionals.

The venture started brewing the juice of success…...

Initially, the revenue generated was moderate, but gradually the courses and the training quality earned huge popularity. Presently, the annual revenue of the institute is 10 cr. / annum and in 2016-17 the benchmark is set at 18 cr.

The core management team of IIBM

With Vikas, two more young diligent professionals invested their active interest here in forming IIBM. These two are Vidhi Rathi, an MBA responsible for designing curriculum, course development, learning process, managing operations/ administration and Rajesh Maheshwari, working as CTO – engineer - taking care of technology as Co-Founders, respectively.

IIBM Business Model

IIBM Institute offers online professional courses for managers and executives for their managerial skillset development. All courses are industry allied and can be done in offshore module following self-study and evaluation pattern for advanced professional learning.

• IIBM offers more than 60 competitive management programs. The course can be pursued by professionals and students both with graduation and 10+2 qualifications as academic accreditations.

• All IIBM courses can be pursued and completed online in flexi time mode. Students can access the study material by downloading dedicated IIBM app and continue their study process.

• Once the course is complete the candidates are given certificates.

• IIBM offers 24/7 online training and create a range of course programs, exams and experiments to help these professionals from across the world to get better job opportunities and higher salaries. IIBM works with these professionals to address their unique learning needs.

IIBM Course categories

In IIBM there are different course categories. However all courses are of management training niche and for skill development of working professionals. These courses are divided in 3-4 categories like

• Post Graduate Diploma Program.

• Certified Managers Program.

• Dual Management Programs.

• 3 Certifications Program.

• Executive Management Programs.

All these courses are online managerial skill development courses run under the tutelage of industry expert mentors and study material prepared by them.

Working professionals can complete their managerial skill refreshing/skill development courses at most reasonable cost from their own place at their preferred/spare time.

On completion of each course IIBM students are given certificates and placement assistance.

Target audience

As the co-founders and spokesman of IIBM, Vikas Maheshwari could gauge the gap between employees and employers in expecting vs. fulfilling the skillset requirement. From the onset IIBM has set their online educational facility for working professionals, who due to their regular job schedule cannot join a business school to enhance their professional skill.

Students, mew level executives, junior managers, senior managers looking for next promotion, entrepreneurs, team leaders, and mid-level supervisors are the prime target audience of IIBM study programs. Flexible study-modules along with affordable course fee are another significant advantage that has made this institute an approachable one from all realistic aspect. The down to earth tactic of IIBM is the modus operandi of visionary Vikas, which has introduced a special change in online education in India.

Professional skill up-gradation is one of the hot niches in present job market, both for national and international. With the rise of online education industry, the success of IIBM Institute is a simple calculation of strategy and planning.

Online is becoming the preferred mode of learning over offline traditional education. Because of the suitability and cost efficiency, a virtual classroom has also seen to be emerging as an increasing trend amidst the on-job professionals. This is done mainly with regards to higher education and simple skill enhancement.

On the other hand, Globalization and the ascending need to remain competitive have compelled corporate professionals to get enrolled in certification courses for upgrading their skills to enhance their employment prospects. And the right understanding of the market trend by Vikas Maheshwari has paved the way of success for IIBM.

Branding & Marketing Strategies

Branding and marketing strategy of IIBM is mostly performance based. The huge alumni network and result of placement assistance is the moving banner for this institution. The objective of each course is set in a way which can offer the best ROI for the recipients.

IIBM maintains a humble approach for all its strategies. The professional alliance with international bodies like IPMA, UK, accredited by IAO, USA, partnership with ICR, Korea, certified by ISO 9001:2008 & memberships of CII, ASSOCHAM, FIEO are some of the landmark achieved by IIBM.

Other than these, the company has been using every opportunity to create a global brand value for themselves and have been leaving no stone unturned.

Growth Prospects

The growth off IIBM is still at its nascent stage. There is a long way to go. As a successful serial entrepreneur, Vikas Maheshwari considers his dream is yet to be materialized in its complete aspect.