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Australia: Preferred destination for International Education

Wednesday October 25, 2017,

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English speaking countries normally feature among the most preferred destination for students who want to pursue higher education outside their native countries. Primary reason for this is the obvious global spread and acceptance of English language; it makes it easier for non-native students to settle down in a new place. This is the primary reason why US, UK and Australia have always been the destinations of choice for international students in last few decades. Among these Australia has picked lot of momentum and traffic among international students over last few years. Currently, it is the third most preferred destination globally, in fact it the most preferred place to pursue higher education in many countries.

There are many reasons why an aspirant should consider Australia for his or her higher education. Firstly, Australia has envisaged and developed the most innovative approach when it comes to technical and vocational education. Their pedagogy provides the most practical and career oriented education and it helps the students in developing excellent command over knowledge and skills sought after by the employers. Secondly, Australian universities are very dynamic in nature and they adapt as well as adopt technologies much faster than rest of the world. This approach has helped them in building world class infrastructure across all major universities and it has also helped them in forging the culture of innovation among students. Thirdly, Australia possesses a robust ‘National Quality Assurance System’ which is very unique in terms of its rules and structure. This system ensures implementation of strictest norms to ensure high quality of education and it also safeguards financial as well as service quality interests of local and international students.

Another very important advantage Australia has for international students are the ease with which international students can secure visa before admission and jobs after completion of education in Australia. Unlike US and UK, there is hardly any visa red-tapism and process of applying for it is very friendly and transparent. And unlike its peers, securing employment opportunities in Australia after completing education is also fairly convenient as they offer work permits to students like no other country. Besides these factors, overall Australia as a place offers very dynamic, rich and life changing experience to students during formative years of their life and career. Australians are very innovative, energetic, warm and vibrant people; many of them have their roots in different countries and faiths which contribute immensely to the dynamic multicultural Australian society. This unique trait helps students from far away in settling down with relative ease. It also fosters lot of bonding among people and makes the overall college as well as work culture vibrant. And lastly, cost of living relatively lower in Australia compared to its western counterparts which makes it a brilliant value for money destination too. All these factors are the reason why Australia should be the preferred choice for all the students who want to study abroad.

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