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A guide to choose your next offshore Indian company

India has been the biggest outsourcing hub in the past decade. With easy available talent and stability in the country makes it a perfect outsourcing destination. However to choose an offshore Indian company can be a confusing task. With this step-by-step guide, we help you to solve your puzzle. 

A guide to choose your next offshore Indian company

Friday September 01, 2017,

4 min Read

Once you decide to outsource to India, the next big challenge will be to choose your offshore Indian company. Given the enormous English-speaking talent pool and the possibility of labor arbitrage, the decision to choose India as your outsourcing destination might be a simple one, but finding the right vendor would not be easy unless you follow a step-by-step approach. To help you make the right decision, here is a comprehensive guide to help you choose your next offshore Indian company:

Define Goals with Indian Offshore Company

Define Goals with Indian Offshore Company

1. Define your goals and objectives

This should be the first step of all your outsourcing activities. You should have a clear understanding of what exactly you want to achieve by outsourcing to India. Describe clearly what process, service or product you want to outsource. It is always advisable to make a core team for identifying the right vendor. Ideally the team should consist of executives from the concerned department, legal staff and human resource people. Before going any further with their vendor search, this team should have answers to the following questions:

What do you want to outsource?

What type of an outsourcing agreement are you looking for?

What are your goals with regard to outsourcing?

What services do you expect a vendor to provide?

How much do you plan to spend?

2. Go for vendors that give you complete control

Over the years, outsourcing has evolved a lot and in this process, long-term contracts and lack of transparency are no longer an issue. Today, the service delivery model that gives maximum results is one that is flexible and scalable and that keeps the clients in complete control of their outsourced process. In this model of outsourcing, it is you who calls the shots and decides what you want to accomplish and when. You interact with your offshore team just like you do with your in-house staff and are free to scale up or down without any legal hassles.

3. Check the credentials

Once you have zeroed in on vendors that will give you your own team in India, your next step should be to check their track record. First, find out whether the vendor has a proven track record of delivering in the business domain that the work that you wish to outsource is related to. Check out the client testimonials and cross-examine the claims by calling the people who have given their reviews. This exercise will further shorten the list of your prospective offshore Indian companies. The company’s presence on different social media platforms will also give you an insight into its reputation.

4. Interview your offshore team and ask for sample work

Whether you are outsourcing IT or any other area of work to India, your vendor should allow you to interview the people who will work for you. Conduct detailed interviews with your prospective employees through video conference and only hire the most suitable candidates. To further ascertain the skill and experience level of your remote employees, ask for sample work. By following this process, you can be sure that you will work with the very best of resources.

5. Make Comprehensive SLA and NDA agreements

This is the most crucial stage of your vendor search in India. To start with, your vendor should have adequate IT infrastructure to safeguard your critical data. Also, your prospective offshore Indian company should be able to give you customized data security. To be doubly sure of the security of your business data, ask all your remote employees to sign non-disclosure agreements. For seamless delivery of offshore services, you should also sign a comprehensive service delivery agreement with your vendor.

By following the above steps, you will not only be able to find the most suitable offshore Indian company for yourself, but you can also ensure the success of your outsourcing venture.