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My Fit Startup

My story is about how I started my company with just myself and slowing growing in the field of Health and Fitness

Monday November 28, 2016,

3 min Read

In this era where everyone is emerging with ideas and launching a startup every other day. Lots of ideas, lots of startup and all are either related to software's or are themselves some kind of software's. People are interested in getting into the virtual world, but only a few are looking at the real world.

My startup is one of them. I wanted to work on field and in the real world. People now-a-days are getting concerned about their health, but don't know how to get healthy. We rely on software's to makes us healthy make us fit, which is totally wrong. I saw people getting wrong information from a bunch of ''Guruji's'' in the gym or anywhere. A man with a big round tummy tells us how to be fit and get those 8-packs everyone dreams of, how ironic. Myself being in the same field for past 5-6 years have taken experience in a local gym to the most branded gym anyone can imagine. I saw the scenario and it just got worse. It started becoming a game for those with money, people with average salaries can't afford a personal training of 6k-10k a month. I myself had the idea of how we can be healthy and be fit, so I decided to start a company that will help people get fit and achieve their dream physique. After starting and doing all the legal work, it was just me who was working for it. I used to and still get up at 4: 30 am in the morning start doing my research, then edit a photo for my facebook page post the relevant information which would REALLY help the follower. Starting from 0 followers on the first day we grew to 1600 followers organically (which is not a big figure though) was the first achievement on its own. Then I was joined by one of my friend's, who is a certified personal trainer and have trained lots of people with great practical knowledge in the field. I requested him for a photoshoot for the company and he agreed to do so. We started posting pictures online with his physique (which is damn good). Then after 2 months we started realising the problems of the people in the country. We Indians are excellent at making excuses when it comes to being fit or eating healty. People tend to lose their paths to their goals because of these excuses. We realised that we can bring in the products required for the people which will be by the people. So we launched a clothing line which is a range of gym clothing which can also be worn casually. We got tremendous response at the launch. We also sponsored the Sheru Classic 2016 event which was held in Mumbai and was the Largest Fitness Festival in Asia. We supplied their entire crew with T-shirts, which were appreciated by the crew members and Mr.Sheru himself. We now have bigger plans to expand the company and bring in a variety of products that will help Indian's and India to raise the bar in Health and fitness industry, so that even we will be able to produce top level athletes.