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Why dedicated server hosting is critical to your business

Why dedicated server hosting is critical to your business

Monday March 05, 2018,

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Choosing the right hosting plan is a crucial decision that every business must take. It is as crucial as selecting the right web hosting provider. Every business probably must consider the dedicated server hosting at some stage. You may have begun with shared hosting and want to continue to do so because of its low costs.

However, the shared hosting plan resources may not suffice your requirements more so when the number of visitors to your site grow. You will experience slower page loading and frequent website crashing if you continue a shared platform.

How the two platforms differ:

As the names suggest, in shared hosting, the server is shared by several websites and each of them is allocated limited resources. You cannot draw more resources than what is provided which can become a big obstruction to your business growth. Since there are many businesses using the server, the costs are split between them making it a low-cost hosting platform.

Dedicated server hosting is entirely opposite. The complete server is dedicated, given on lease to one single organization. That entity can house any number of websites. Dedicated servers are expensive since there is no scope for any sharing of expenses. The entire server expenditure is borne by the individual or business occupying the server.

For the price you pay, consider the benefits your website will get when you upgrade to dedicated server hosting.

Complete resources are with you:

The entire server resources are for your use. The concept of sharing is eliminated. You will never have to fear of any resource crunch nor worry about any warnings from your host about pulling more resources. Similarly, you will not have to bother about a neighbour drawing more resources and pulling your site down.

You have root access to the server:

Since you are the sole authority on the server, you get root administrative access to the server. You can customize and configure the machine in any manner that you find suitable for your business. If you are a Windows server user, you can access via the Remote Desktop and in case you are a Linux user, you access your server using the SSH.

Dedicated server clients have the right to install any software and most providers allow you to choose the hardware. One crucial necessity for you is to be technically competent. You must have qualified engineers to handle configuration of the server. If not done properly, it could put your site performance in a jeopardy.

Superior performance:

The complete bandwidth, memory, disk space, are with you in dedicated server hosting. There is very low chance of server crashing due to lack of space for visitors or slowing down with too many users accessing your site. This assurance cannot be guaranteed on shared hosting.

The top hosting providers offer strong SLA commitments with the lowest latency and maximum uptime of at least 99.95% with downtime mainly at server maintenance times.


This is one significant edge for dedicated server hosting customers. Unlike in shared hosting, a business is allocated a dedicated IP. This gives you an additional layer of protection. In shared hosting, the customers all are given one single IP. If one client is involved in some immoral or spamming activities the entire IP is blacklisted throwing your business out of gear and make it unavailable to clients.

The risks of your account being compromised are low. In shared hosting, if one account is infected with some virus or becomes a victim of hacking activities, risks of its spreading to other accounts is possible. The top providers offer dedicated support around the clock for you to approach in case you require any assistance.