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Top 5 best content platforms for readers & young bloggers

Top 5 best content platforms for readers & young bloggers

Sunday August 02, 2020,

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If you are a blogger or just trying to be one then you might be aware that in order to produce great content it is important to have the right inspiration. Inspiration plays a big role especially in the lives of creative people. And quality content creators prefer to do proper research about the topics they like to write about. 

And if you are dealing with a content block or maybe having just one of those days when you feel like not getting the right ideas in your mind then say no more, because this article is going to help you. This article covers the top 5 content-based (paid & unpaid)websites which produce high-quality content and also gives a platform to aspiring bloggers and writers to share their perspective with the world. And the best part is that if you follow them then there is no way you will ever run out of content because they get updated with a lot of great and unique content on various topics every day.

1. YourStory

YourStory is a content-based platform where you do not just get all the quality content to explore but also a plethora of inspirational and educational stories which have a lot you can learn from. The most amazing thing about YourStory is that it has numerous sections like Herstory, Education and many more that contains awesome content about various amazing things happening around. And it is not just about keeping you updated with the latest stuff but it also allows you to have your own opinion. Its MyStory section has the option for everyone to be able to submit their own stories and the editors from YourStory review those submissions. If your submitted content has the quality then it will surely get their approval because they believe everyone has a valuable story to share. 

The best part is that even if your story doesn’t get approved then also they send you proper feedback which helps you in making better content with those suggested improvements. So, if you think you have a story to share that is worth spreading then YourStory is the right platform for you. YourStory also supports talent by paying them but it has certain criteria that you can find out there easily. It also offers some career helping educational courses and if you are an entrepreneur or looking to be one then it is something you would never want to miss. It was founded by Shraddha Sharma and YourStory is so far India’s first platform that contributes a lot in the uplifting of emerging entrepreneurs.

2. Medium

Medium is another content-based platform where you’ll see the work of a lot of awesome content creators. What’s actually different about Medium is that you can find articles written by famous public figures like Barrack Obama and GaryVee and also parallel to them you can find articles of new aspiring writers and bloggers. The rules and regulations for Medium are quite different than other platforms. It is not completely free and it requires a membership fee. It allows you to read only 3 articles in a month and post 3 articles a day if you are using the free plan. There are various publications there who have millions of writers and they take submissions from anyone. The publications review the submitted story before actually publishing it and if your article gets selected in a good publication then it is assured that you’ll get a great audience and a lot of reads and response on your article.

But most publication uses only the people who are under the paywall criteria of Medium where writers register themselves for getting paid for writing but that is only available for users of selected countries. Unfortunately, India is not yet on their list. But this restriction is only for publication purpose because you can post your articles on medium without any publication for free. Medium is great if you wish to read the content of great writers but it is not completely free and that seemed to be an only disadvantage. It was founded by Evan Williams in 2012 and since then it has become a sensation among writers.

3. Torch Herd

Inspired by the ideas of Richard Branson, Torch Herd is a content-based platform as well as a digital magazine which shares the content of young content writers and bloggers and the best part is that Torch Herd has its own monthly magazine where the best-selected articles of the month get published. It also shares high-quality content and covers a lot of inspirational stories to keep the young readers inspired. It is a free platform that allows youngsters to share their point of views with the world. Torch Herd is mainly popular among school/college students as Torch Herd majorly deals with content for youth. This platform also believes that everyone has a voice and it needs to be heard and that is why they allow young people to come up with their ideas and share with them and they assure that their innovative ideas must get the recognition. They provide various internship opportunities for the students mainly for young content writers and motivates them to be more innovative. 

If you create quality content and you wish to see your article in a fancy youth magazine then Torch Herd is your right place. From struggles of youngsters to successful young entrepreneurs, If you are a student then this is not something you would ever want to miss. It was founded by Rahul Haripriya and it has gained massive popularity especially among student life content creators.

4. LiveJournal

LiveJournal is a platform where people can write and share blogs about their life journeys, experiences, stories or give advice. It is a good platform for the exchange of ideas between creative people. The platform is mainly focused on content based on people’s life stories and qualities and one can surely find out some quality content related to individual experiences and their lessons. If you like the idea of sharing the stories that taught you something or added some value in your life then you should definitely consider LiveJournal. This might not attract every eye like the way other portals do because this one is quite specific in nature and the variation is slightly limited as the major focus is towards people sharing their learnt lessons and life advice they give. But if someone is slightly inclined towards the idea of spreading positive messages and sharing stories that are full of some lessons then LiveJournal is for them. It was founded by Brad Fitzpatrick and LiveJournal is yet one of the oldest and popular blogging platforms which had lost a bit of popularity lately but yet have a specific audience active on it.

5. Beamstart

If you love entrepreneurship and love to read or to write about success stories and growth hacks. Beamstart can be an ideal choice for you in this case. Mostly the world of Beamstart revolves around startups and business growth so if you are more of a “Forbes” type person the no doubt this platform is something you are going to love. It has an option of setting up your interests and then you get to come across content based on your choices. It is not community-driven and that is why it doesn’t assure you the content of highest quality like some of the above alternatives do, but yet it is liked a lot by the ones who prefer to read and share business and startup related content. It was founded by Kenneth Ho with his small team of 3 members and today it is one of the destinations people reach out to find good content related to entrepreneurship and startups.

So these are top 5 content platforms to help you in being a better content creator. These platforms are not just going to help you out by giving you amazing ideas and inspirations but will also help you to share your views and learnings right in their publishing platform. So, gear up and get your mind full of inspiration and your hands on the keyboard because these platforms are waiting for you send in your ideas and get your quality content published.

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