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How to leverage ASP.Net Core technology for Banking & Finance Web App Development Solutions?

How to leverage ASP.Net Core technology for Banking & Finance Web App Development Solutions?

Friday March 27, 2020,

5 min Read

Banking organizations are now adopting more digitized platforms for their services. Most of the financial institutions have now acclimatized their services to digital platforms. Further, they are integrating these digital tools into their business. Here, we are going to discover the ASP.Net Core for banking.

ASP.Net core technology is a quite powerful and class-apart web development platform. Any banking company can leverage the platform for web and app development. The rise of the fintech is disruptive and changing the banking paradigm. ASP.Net core technology is an open-source web framework. It is also a modular framework used to build apps and web-apps. The core ASP.Net framework works well in don't frameworks as well on Windows OS.

Now that we know a little about ASP.NET core technologies let's explore its features for banking and financial institutions.

How is banking changed forever?

To know why there is a rising demand for web and apps for banking organizations, you need to understand the premise. The banking industry needs flexible, transparent, and user-friendly solutions. For example, 73% of customer satisfaction in a health insurance product depends on customer journeys.


Similarly, financial institutions and banks need to understand that the next curve of change is technology. Organizations can envision it through technologies like ASP.Net. Let's discover some amazing features that can help these financial institutions build great web and app tools.

The Multi-Platform Capability:

ASP.Net core technology has cross-platform capabilities. If you consider the .NET framework, it has compatibility with Linux, Unix, windows and even macOS. Any ASP.NET MVC Development Company can leverage these capabilities with expertise in.

Docker: An enterprise container platform that is used as a PaaS(Platform as a Service)

Microsoft's Azure: A service by Microsoft offering cloud computing. Developers can leverage it for testing the apps, managing the code and deploying apps.

Kubernetes: It is a container orchestration system that is used by developers for the continuous deployment of apps. The software development kit offered by Microsoft has many such tools. developers can leverage them for compiling, managing, building and deploying .NET-based apps.

High on Performance:

Any banking website needs higher performance at low network intensity. The payment gateways offered by several financial institutes often need swift loading. In many demographics network intensity is an issue. To overcome such problems and provide a better transactional journey, higher performance is necessary. ASP.NET is one such technology that can help build high-performance websites and apps.

Companies dealing in financial products are looking to hire ASP.NET Core Developers. The reason is ever-expanding .NET functionality. ASP.NET Core frameworks are compatible across platforms. They use microservices such as nodeJs, Go, and many others. The average of 115 million user requests per second is way faster than earlier versions.

API integrations:

MVC or model-view-controller frameworks are known for their efficiency. For better development of websites and applications across platforms, API integration is a must. ASP.NET core technologies integrate this development model. It uses base controllers to induce the abstract classes reducing the coding efforts.

Further, the MVC structure of the ASP.NET core technology exploits web API integration. It helps developers test the web-apps better. Most of the banking institutions use web-apps for their customers. And thus, ASP.NET Core frameworks are the best option for them.


iHealthCheck services are an in-built support system for developers. If you are to hire ASP.NET developer, the knowledge of this service does make a difference. Most of the developers leverage this service to keep a check on the components and other microservices that are running in the development phase.

It is used by bt developers as a backend for many functions and components. It can also be used as a database to provide the exchange of data across the website. Some times this diagnostic service is used as an internal website.

Real-Time Push Notifications:

How about real-time notifications for your banking clients? Here is a feature from ASP.NET frameworks that can change the way you see web-apps. It uses a specific library designed for server-side and client-side notifications. SignalR Java Client is a library designed to enhance the push notifications to both server-side and client-end.

It uses HTML APIs to create a bi-directional flow of communications. These WebSockets are phenomenal for push notifications. The framework itself can help the transmission of asynchronous notifications to the client's devices.


The banking industry is going through a transformation phase. Financial organizations should envisage this change. To offer digital tools such as websites, mobile apps, and web-apps, they should look towards ASP.NET Core technologies. We have seen many fintech leverage such technologies.

But, with innovations like Artificial Intelligence and IoT(Internet of Things), everything has changed. By choosing the right ASP.NET MVC Development company, you can integrate such innovations into your financial products. So, if you are looking towards a better consumer journey for your banking or financial service, then choose ASP.NET MVC based development.