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Why WealthApp?

Friday November 11, 2016,

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Current Scenario

• Bloomberg reports state that Less than 1.5% of the Indian population invested in equity markets

• Just 2% of India’s household savings were exposed to equity

Introducing WealthApp

Realizing the importance of investments in the process of financial planning for all sections of society alike, the vision for an automated online financial advisory firm came into being. The founders Gaurav Dhawan, Subba Rao Telidevara, Sanjay HB and Mitesh Shah have a cumulative of 40 years’ experience between them on managing Individual financial portfolios. This made them aware that the long winding process, paper work and lack of proper guidance in investment methods put off people as prospective investors.

USP of WealthApp

• Prospective Clients made investment ready via KYC in a thoroughly paperless manner

• Sophisticated algorithms automate the entire advisory process thus ensuring top notch and timely advise for the investor

• Knowledge and experience of founding team work to provide customized portfolio most suited for investors and their goals based on thorough research and strategy

• Ongoing monitoring 24/7/365

• Convenience of doorstep service offered via web and mobile apps

At the time when most of the Mutual Funds and Investment companies were focused on high net worth clients, WealthApp came up with the concept of Online Robo Financial Advisor for all kinds of investors ranging from youngsters or first time investors to a family man and seasoned investor.

Our Vision

• WealthApp has developed sophisticated iOS and android mobile apps to help the middle-income groups and retail investors in India simplify their financial planning and wealth management process.

• It plans to introduce a platform that could advise investors in case of interim liquidity requirement or additional investment needs based on their portfolio.

• Plans to develop methods to engage customers at a deeper level so they make the most out of the platform’s abilities.

• Future plans includes linking the bank account of the customer to their portfolio so that a warning could be delivered to them on how to best invest the money idling in the account for a specified period so as to get maximum returns.

About WealthApp Financial Advisors

WealthApp Financial Advisors is a Robo Financial Advisory Firm, conceived over a year back. It makes use of its user friendly online platform, Wealthapp.com for best tax saving investment and wealth management process. They have very simple and streamlined on-boarding process. They also have a team of seasoned professionals for those that require the age old personal human touch. The company offers the best investment options tailor made to suit the requirements of the investors based on their financial goals and ability to take risk. They offer customized portfolio to the clients that can give you best mutual funds returns.

About the Founders

Gaurav Dhawan – A mechanical engineer, Gaurav is armed with MBA in finance and marketing from T. A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal. With close to a decade's experience in development and deployment of portfolio strategies for premium private banking clients, he knows what it takes to build relationships, gain trust and deliver every promise. Prior to founding WealthApp and Credence Family Office, his assignments included building the high net worth client book at Citibank, India along with being an advisory on their portfolios.

Subba Rao Telidevara- Subba was a founding global Partner, investment committee member and part of the leadership team in India at the $5 billion private equity firm Actis. During his stint of 16 years, a number of investments such as Daksh, Niligirs, Axis Bank Glenmark, GRO, SIFY were made in technology, financial services and FMCG sectors.

At Actis Subba was part of the team that raised 4 rounds of funds targeting India. In his personal capacity Subba is a regular seed investor. Currently he has a total of 15 ventures including an investment in a VC fund Erasmic Ventures (now Accel India). He works closely with many of these ventures.

Subba holds an engineering degree and an MBA from IIM Bangalore. He likes to play golf and ski and enjoys a game of bridge.

Sanjay HB –Sanjay's passion for finance and entrepreneurship is evident from his MBA in the same field from Alliance Business Academy (Bangalore). He has over a decade of experience in the private banking and wealth management space - a highly demanding role in which he excelled. Before establishing WealthApp and Credence Family Office, he held high-performance roles in Citibank and JM Morgan Stanley to oversee investment advisory and relationship management for high net worth clients.

Mitesh Shah- Mitesh is the co-founder of Credence Multi family office, one of the premier multi family offices in India advising over INR Rs 20 Billion in assets. He has over a decade’s experience in private banking and has earlier held senior positions with Citibank and HSBC with a focus on developing investment strategies for HNI clients. Mitesh currently also serves on the advisory boards of select SMEs. He has an MBA in finance and marketing from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management