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Darshan Sankhala Explain How OTT Platforms Going to Be a Game Changer for Film Industry during Pandemic

Darshan Sankhala Explain How OTT Platforms Going to Be a Game Changer for Film Industry during Pandemic

Monday June 15, 2020,

4 min Read

Darshan Sankhala

Do you know the rise of OTT has changed the complete entertainment sector? OTT has made watching movies and TV shows suitable, accessible and reasonable across large number of users. Anyone having mobile phone with Internet connection can easily watch movies from anywhere around the world. 

Due to this Coronavirus, people are locked inside their homes. They won’t be able to step out of their houses to meet their companions and neighbours because of high risk. Office work is also restricted to laptops inside the home and people are doing shopping online from those apps that are providing the delivery services. So, what people are doing in this time? Well, they all are watching movies as well as TV shows! Yes, that’s true!

With more than 40 OTT platforms, Indian customers can easily enjoy by watching their most loved TV show or any latest movie series on their smartphones by simply having a connection of Internet. 

With increase in lockdowns as well as present condition of economy, it seems like OTT will going to be another thing in this world of entertainment. From a long time, due to hall and complex closures, film industry is at a huge loss. The best thing is that streaming doesn’t stop through OTT platforms all across the country.

In this article, Darshan Sankhala has explained how OTT Platforms will turn out to be a Game Changer for film industry during this Corona period.

  • Merger of OTT Platforms and Film Industry

In the starting, there may be discomfort among big and popular players of film industry however research has shown that even in COVID 19 situations, the services of OTT will persist to dominate. Therefore, it’s important to think regarding the incorporation of technologies.

OTT can assist content in reaching millions of probable users. The introduction of any latest movie on OTT as well as DTH at the same time can garner more than billions of audiences all across the world. 

Production houses can make millions in the first week of movie release simply by monetizing online advertisements. Whereas cinemas can also observe million-dollar releases, as they can reduce risk of monetary by simply taking out least guarantee contract for covering their cost of production. 

Release through OTT channels could eradicate risk of piracy production that houses presently experience in India. The reality is that content mass accessibility can obliterate necessity of piracy altogether. 

  • New OTT Trends Entail for Customers and Producers 

Right now, rise in development of OTT streaming puts forward the below-given trends:

  • Demand for quality content, no doubt, is increasing on a regular basis as every person can access OTT platforms simply from their homes. 
  • OTTs will find innovative ways in order to make publicizing profitable since watching movie becomes common as well as inexpensive for anyone with subscription. 
  • Also, numerous production houses have assortment of content accessible for platforms such as YouTube however soon these production houses will reach to many other rising OTT platforms people like in India like Sony Liv, Eros Now, Hotstar and Sun NXT. 
  • Very soon theatres will also become a luxury experience since viewers can watch new releases from their own surroundings. 
  • Large number of movies will be going to hit common OTT platforms such as Netflix, Eros Now, Prime Video, etc. 
  • Large number of movies, as well as TV shows/series, will rake much profit on digital platforms. Also, some will release completely for OTT platforms such as Ghost Stories, Guilty, Manhunt etc. 


Production houses will understand soon that OTT is actually not an opponent however a dedicated ally. In short, we can say the industry of film market will increase to new levels. Large number of users will get access to quality content too early. The experiences of watching movies will get redefined in fresh and innovative ways. Soon, movie releases will be either daily or weekly across OTT.