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The Saviours

The Saviours is a youth-led NGO in India, founded by Kunal Saraff. The NGO is completely focused on voluntary blood donation and blood shortage eradication in India. 

The Saviours

Friday June 03, 2016,

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In August, 2014 Kunal’s maternal grandfather Mr. Sadhuram Agarwal, was denied blood from hospital authorities for his operation. This instigated Kunal to open a NGO to solve this problem of blood shortage in India.

He started with arranging blood donors in emergency through a phone call and a Facebook page with a database of 10 people he personally convinced.

Current Activities

The NGO designed virtual internship programs for college students to join in and solve a social problem and join the movement, and with the increasing no of participants they started various awareness activities on voluntary blood donation.

They set up blood camps at various places in tie up with various blood banks and empowers the youth to lead.

In their awareness activities, they promote a unique belief and philosophy that “When you help others, the universe conspires to help you”. They believe this to be absolutely true and encourage people to believe this.


The Saviours was a part of plot of a prestigious novel named “How an iPhone Made Me the Youngest Billionaire” based on entrepreneurship.

The NGO has registered near about 20,000 people as emergency blood donors in India. Their activities are in Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai.