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How Start Food Truck Startup in India

In this article i'l explain about how you can start your own Food Truck Startup in India from legal regulations to technical & marketing assistance guide.

How Start Food Truck Startup in India

Thursday June 07, 2018,

6 min Read

Food Truck Business In India have of late progressed toward becoming a significant Factor recently in the advancing Food Industry In India. The benefit of versatility in Food Truck arrangement gives proprietors access to different areas at an underlying capital that is lower than that required in opening an restaurant business in india or some other sort of configuration. In this manner, it is no big surprise that Food proprietors are hoping to put resources into a Food Truck rather than a Restaurant or any other food related Business In India.

Food Truck Startup Guide

Food Truck Startup Guide

How to Start a Food Truck Business

1. Picking the Correct Affordable Food Truck

The principal activity is to pick the correct truck or business vehicle. you require a business or you can say commerical vehicle around 18-Feet Long. It's can cost to you around Rs 7-8 lakhs to start a Food Truck Business In India . There are different trucks accessible in the market from Ashok Leyland, Tata, Mahindra & various more brands. Be that as it may, to spare costs you can start with old truck which save a large portion of the cost of the better one. Be that as it may, when purchasing an old business  commercial vehicle  for appropriate wellness endorsement, enrollment, street assess receipt, and protection. Likewise, it ought not be over 5 years of age, as because of contamination issues different state governments and natural bodies are thinking about to boycott 10-year-old business vehicles in various urban communities. 

The old food truck can additionally be altered and planned in light of the prerequisite with an extra expenses of 1 lakh rupees from the different muscle head shops. In this way, the aggregate expenses of the old truck without kitchen nearby 5 lakh rupees. This cost appears to high from the 450 sq ft search for QSR whose lease is some place around Rs 40,000, yet over the long haul, the Food Truck cost would be unimportant as there is no or less lease or charges to pay contingent on the region.

2. Raw Material and Kitchen Items to Setup your Food Truck

Raw Material is important factor for the food truck business. You have to required atleast 3 lakh rupees capital investment to buy the raw material & kitchen equipment. In the 3 lakh rupees capital investment you have to buy lot of the things like microwave or juicier or mixer and other steamer etc. Apart from this you can buy furniture tables. There is one advice that always go with the new items in case of the electronic because all the electronics’ items have more than 1 year warranty. You can buy the old things heave equipments only for the kitchen. If we talk about the stock then you have to observe the pattern in your food truck because you need working capital to run your food truck business regarding raw material.

3. Legal Licenses and Legal Registration 

If we talking about the legal and license then for the food truck business you have to required the various license and registration. First of all you have to register your business legal entity, you can go with the private limited company or llp or opc or proprietorship firm. Apart from this you have to open a current bank account and required the local necessary license like FSSAI Registration & NOC From RTO and local municipal party to use the food truck on roads. You also required the Fire Safety certificate and insurance of your food truck. As a Startup you can go with the necessary registration only in the starting which cost around 15000- 20000 INR Only. Then on later stage you can go with the other necessary certificate.

4. Labor Factor for Food Truck Business

Now manpower are depend on your operations. For ex if you want to starting a home delivery based food truck then you have to required the more manpower. In the starting you can hire 1 main chefs who can prepare a awesome food. In India mostly chefs are affordable so you can hire them nearby 8k to 15k per month. But remember you need always good chefs because food is playing important factor in your business.

5. POS Software for Your Food Truck

Now talk about the billing for the customers. You can raise the normal bills but after the GST Implication you need the good software to track your customer and bill & tax payments. You can find a food POS Machine or Software which can track your customer. Even these days POS Machine also helpful for the marketing to engage your repeat customer by offer discount & lot of other things. Normally POS Software cost nearby 1000 to 1500 per month. 

6. Polo Branding Tshirts for your Employees

Branding is playing important role for any food truck business. Even its also increase slandered of your food truck. You can provide the coller polo tshirts to your employees or chef. A tshirt cost nearby 150 to 300 INR for the same. You can order offline or online through any website. Remember you have to always provide the Tshirts to your delivery boys because this help to identified a brand for any customer.

7. Advertising factor of food truck business

There are lot of ways doing the marketing for your food truck business. Marketing is very important factor because without marketing you can’t increase your customer or revenue. In the starting you have to put efforts in the branding. As a food truck business you can go with the pamphlets marketing which is one of the affordable options in the local area. Apart form this you can create the banner or hoarding for the same. Even you can personally visit nearby house or colony and invite the people to come on your Food truck & provide them special discount.

If we talk about the online marketing then you can go with the social media like facebook. You can target the specific audience through facebook ads of the area so they can engagement with your content. You can create the google listing and facebook page where your customer can drop the reviews. Apart from this there are lot of the agreegators like Zomato or Swiggy which helps you on the same.

Conclusion :

So above 7 steps help you to start your own Food Truck Startup in India. This is one of the trending business idea due to low capital investment in the metro cities. In the foregin already many food truck startups make it big. Now its turn for the India. Hope you like this guide on YourStory, Suggestions always welcome in comments.