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Promoting Small Businesses

Promoting Small Businesses

Sunday September 03, 2017,

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My journey of struggle and successes! 

I began small and it was just a bunch of people led by my enthusiasm! With a laptop and one bike and self funded wholly by salary savings, the seeds were sown by me. It was the time when the IT sector in India was witnessing recession and even majors like Satyam felt the heat! However, I succeeded to get the first client through cold calling and it was a construction company. I won the confidence of this customer through dedicated efforts and visible results. This was the turning point for me after which I went on to grab opportunities in MIDC. Second order came after presentations before the clients there. Then after, I began focussing on the manufacturing sector alone and this became my specialization. The main area that was worked for the manufacturing firms was the ‘leads acquisition’ – a tough equation for entities! However, I found innovative ways & thus achieved the resonance and authentic leads were delivered in a cost effective manner. This is how I found my place as an expert digital marketer in the manufacturing sector. 

My story of success!

Hello, I am Barun Anand Modi, a Google Adwords Certified digital marketing expert and I presently usher firms in the manufacturing sector in their endeavour to excel through better outreach and exposure. I try sensing the potential resonances for them, helping them to gain momentum viz. a viz. competitors in their business segment. That is what companies like me to do for them!

I have worked in major sectors of economy including real estate, education, online beauty services, financial technology or fintech, and also the manufacturing verticals of sheet metal dyes, automobiles and process equipments among others. With vast experience at my credit, I developed insights on how to escort the start-ups towards success! I found that guerrilla marketing techniques have been very successful for the low budget companies seeking better market exposure. I have won appreciation from the companies in the sectors of ceramics, education and manufacturing.

About Me –

I graduated as an engineer in 2007 with CSE stream from Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology and was successful in getting a job in a software firm as a web developer professional. Working in this profile for more than 3 years, I realized that the benefits of smart IT and web are actually a distant dream for most in the economic sectors. I took up this anomaly as a challenge and went on to attempt it with a different perspective which was of ‘digital marketing’. It was this passion in me that allowed me to develop the custom application of digital marketing and SMEs became my target area!

I approached the tiny enterprising units that were located in isolated pockets and which had least of assistance from the marketing world. I found these units as capable and helped them gain the demanded exposure in the national and global markets; and this allowed these companies to find their wave to ride upon in the seas! Such dedicated and customized catering led to my recognition as a digital marketing expert. Now I find requisitioning from across the world including the economies of U.S. and Australia and others. 

Agile Team

Agile Team

What makes me different?

I have served different sectors like Education, Real Estate, Investment Firms and start-ups through my innovative digital marketing techniques that are conditioned to meet the specific aspirations of the firms.

I was inspired by the idea of ‘optimal worth’ for every entity so that profits could be maximized, but I also found that most deserving entities had to struggle due to lack of market exposure. I took the initiative myself and went on to breed potential successes for these companies that were spread in MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation) – an industrial hub housing large numbers of enterprises and firms with diverse orientations of economy. Through his digital marketing approach that was custom tailored de novo for every client, I succeeded in building the success quotients for the companies that went on to experience exponential growth through the demand of their services and products. 

I like mentoring the firms!

I only need to know three things about my customer! These include the geographical spread of it, the comfort for selling the product or service and the budget and HR capacity of the company. I make use of these dimensions towards the deeper analyses to ensure best digital marketing through the optimized handling of leads. With this knowledge, I devise a complete customer acquisition strategy with a minimum 3 times return on investment!

I now lead the marketing projects as the head of a powerful team of professionals who implement my vision and plans for the clients as CEO of Agile Business Solutions.

I have been also active with women empowerment initiatives

I took initiative and selected capable women with experience and expertise, but who are otherwise constrained to work out of their homes due to family commitments. I worked for their empowerment by offering viable earning opportunities to such ladies.