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Relax on the beaches of Gokarna away from the buzz of the city

Relax on the beaches of Gokarna away from the buzz of the city

Wednesday January 17, 2018,

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Gokarna is a much-underrated tourist spot in India. There are not much tour operators offering package tour to Gokarna. However, if you are in search of a destination that allows you to escape from the maddening crowd, then a Gokarna beach trek will be the best option for you. The word trekking might make you think of mountains and greenery, but the Gokarna beach trek will be an all-new experience for you.


The town of Gokarna is much famous for its temples and serene beaches. It is located about 484 kilometers from Bengaluru, on the western coast. The place is famous for Mahabaleshwar temple, which is believed to house an original image of Shiva Linga, named the Atmalinga. Gokarna is one of the most important pilgrimage centers in the country and is famous for its serene beaches and scenic beauty.

The beaches in the town of Gokarna can offer a memorable holiday experience for you. Tour operators like Trekarna can help add fun and excitement to your beach holidays by organizing guided trekking trips along the winding paths. In your trekking trips, you will see the beautiful Western Ghats and lush green mountains and can stay at Gokarna beach resorts.

Owing to the beautiful beaches and serene environment, Gokarna is becoming a very popular weekend destination for many tourists. It will take you about ten hours for you to reach Gokarna from Bengaluru and you will never regret for the drive. There are many beaches in Gokarna, however, the Om beach is very famous among the tourists. You may relax at the beaches or take part in water sports and trekking activities. Trekarna can arrange trekking trips from the famous Om Beach to Half Moon Beach.

When you check out the various Gokarna beaches with Trekarna, you can have three different tent types to choose from. The first one is the all-weather tent that has a size of 12x12 feet and can accommodate two people. The second type is the quick tent which is also capable of accommodating two people. The third and fourth types of tents are also all-weather types capable of accommodating two or three people.

With Trekarna, you can indulge in activities like water sports, trekking in Vibhooti falls, and the Gangavali river in Gokarna. Beaches in Gokarna like Kudle and Om beach are famous for water sports and adventure activities. Release all stress and pressure of your life at Gokarna with Trekanra.