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Digital transformation is real and it's happening

Many employees feel they are paid to do a job not to change it. There has been enough history of surviving of so-called big initiatives in the past that failed big time and never saw the face of reality. 

Digital transformation is real and it's happening

Monday November 27, 2017,

3 min Read

Digital transformation is real. Even though the top leaders of the company are convinced and see this transformation more as a threat and an opportunity for change. It is employees who are in two minds and see this whole digital transformation as a farce and nothing else.


Many employees feel they are paid to do a job not to change it. There has been enough history of surviving of so-called big initiatives in the past that failed big time and never saw the face of reality. Digital transformation may seem like another irrelevant hyped fad but the impact it's having on the market should never be neglected.

Successful digital transformation starts at the top of the company. It is the topmost layer of executives in a company who are responsible for strategizing and creating the future goals for a company. It is up to them to create a convincing vision for future and communicate it across the organization. Once the vision is shown and the plans are set, the people at middle and lower levels can work hard and put in their efforts to make this vision a reality.

Managers should redesign the processes, workers should find out different ways to get the work done and everyone can explore new ways to materialize the desired vision. A simple mandate is just not enough to tap the true potential of a digital revolution instead a revolution like this should be led to bring real change.

This digital vision is still not prevalent among the top guns of different companies and businesses. And it's alarming because Digital transformation is rapidly reshaping companies and industries. The top leaders need to understand digital revolution is in its initial stages and they need to adapt to the changes that are happening. If not they would become irrelevant with passage of time.

An inspiring digital vision is the founding stone for a successful digital transformation. Though leaders are waking up to the impact, very few among them have acted and made a strategy for a digital future. Being a business leader, to create a digital vision you need to focus on your business, not the technology. 

Technology removes obstacles and increases your capabilities. Focus on how you can enhance the experience of your customers, streamline your operations or transform your business models.

Your goal should be to be transformative. Your digital vision should be specific enough to give employees a clear direction at the same time giving them enough flexibility to innovate upon it. Have big dreams and ask your employees to make those dreams a reality for you. It is not a mundane task rather crafting a vision is indeed a journey that you should take as a leader.

You need to plant the seed at the top and then engage all people at different levels to make the vision alive. Once the vision is alive, nurture it and see it grow and materialize.