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Different Types of Mobile Covers to protect your Mobile Phone

Know about the different Mobile case for your Mobile

Different Types of Mobile Covers to protect your Mobile Phone

Tuesday July 09, 2019,

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Different Types of Mobile Covers to protect your Mobile Phone

We often fancy that new mobile phone that was kept in the store. Everybody like me wants to buy a new mobile phone that has just been launched. We save up every penny and dream to buy that mobile phone. Little do we know that it takes extra effort to take care of that new mobile phone. Just by taking care of your mobile phone, making sure that it does not get scratched, placing it on a neat and clean surface. We need to take extra care of the new mobile phone by putting a rugged and durable case or cover to protect the phone against drops, scratches and dust and debris. Also we need to take extra care of the screen because the screen is the most delicate and expensive part of the phone. We can do this by putting on a screen protector or tempered glass screen protector on the phone screen. There are many other things that we can do to protect the phone.

In this article we are going to discuss the different types of covers that are available in the market and how these covers can be used to protect your phone. We are also going to discuss the various features offered by these different covers and how we can use these covers to protect and take care of your expensive phone. There are many features that are offered by different covers, each type of cover has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. These covers are easily swappable and changeable depending on your mood and tastes. 

If we have ever visited the local or online market for phone covers there are numerous options.

We can see the following options available to us, silicon covers, hard plastic covers, flip covers, and rugged army type covers. These covers come with a variety of different features and qualities. We are going to discuss each and every quality that these covers offer and we will also help to make that purchase decision of which is the best cover that would suit your phone. 


Let us see the features offered by Silicon covers. Silicon covers offer superior drop protection. These mobile covers are stylish and are easily flexible. These covers provide a good hand grip to the phone. Any phone that has a good hand grip are less susceptible or prone to drops. Thereby this feature protects the phone from drops. These covers are able to cushion the accidental drops thereby preventing any kind of damage to the phone to a great extent. However we need to take care of glass backed phones. Even though these cases have excellent drop protection, glass is prone to cracks and if the phone falls on corners then they can get cracked easily.

These covers come in the price range of Rs 100 to Rs 500 and is available online as well as in the offline markets such as local shops and roadside mobile stalls. These covers are easy to put on and remove. The drawback of these covers are that they are not customizable. It is difficult to get customized silicon back covers for the phone because there is no such facility of printing custom designs or photos on the back side of silicon covers. Nevertheless these covers add the looks of style and appear to be fashionable and trendy for mobile phones. There is also one more draw back with silicon covers is that, they tend to fade in color as time passes by, these covers get a yellowish tint depending on the time they have been used for. Apart from this there is no other drawback that I can find for these covers. These covers are provided free of cost with premium mobile phones and they do a pretty decent job of protecting your mobile phone from various kinds of threats.  

Hard Plastic Covers: These are the covers that are mainly used for customization. If you have any merchants that provide customized designer back covers with printed graphics on the covers then they will use these kind of hard plastic covers. These covers can look trendy and fashionable too and can easily suit your style. The only drawback of these covers is that they are brittle and does not offer drop protection to phones. These cases come in a single color that is white. And these are the printed cases that you can get in stores from online markets.

You can customize these covers with your favorite memories and graphic images according to your liking. These covers come in various colors suiting to your liking. These covers can contrast as well as compliment the color of your mobile phone. These covers are also customizable to some extent with the help of stickers that you can easily get from the offline market such as roadside shops and stalls. Some hard plastic covers come in a full size case that is capable of protecting both the front and the back of your mobile phone.


Durable Army covers: These covers are mainly made up of hard rubber and offer the maximum drop protection for your phone. These covers mainly come in black color and have a strong gripping pattern printed and designed on the back cover for getting extra grip for holding the phone. These covers are the most expensive of all the other covers. But it is worth every penny that you pay for because it offers outstanding drop protection . The drop protection is far superior than that offered by silicon rubber covers.  These covers also look fashionable and trendy because they come in various designs and patterns that one can like. Durable army covers comes in various sizes and shapes as well as they provide some amount of bulk to your phone. These covers do a fabulous job of protecting your phone against drops. Even when accidentally dropped from a considerable height.

Flip covers: Flip covers are usually made up of synthetic leather and a combination of hard rubber and silicon or plastic material. These covers not only protect the back side of the phone but also protects the screen side of the phone. This is because it offers a flippable section that one can open and close when the phone is in use. These covers come in various colors such as white, black, grey or brown color. You can choose any color to your liking. These covers offer a protective strap that can be used to secure the flippable cover to the phone. These covers also offer a certain degree of drop protection to the phone. The price range of these covers are from Rs 200 to Rs 1000, depending on the type and the manufacturing material. These covers offer a flippable screen protector to be present on the front of the mobile phone, so that the screen is well protected from threats when the mobile phone is not in use. The protector can be either transparent to allow you to make and receive calls as well as an opaque flippable cover is present to cover the phone. This cover resembles a book with a cover. And can fully protect your mobile phone from all angles. You do not have to rely on a third party screen protector or tempered glass for your mobile screen protection. 

Customized Plastic Covers: These type of plastic covers comes in various sizes and shapes for your mobile phones. These covers offer the highest rate of customizability for your mobile phone. You can customize your cover to your liking by adding various photos, texts and memories of your favorite locations, family photos and many more. These covers offer an elegant look to your mobile phone because of its high customizability rate. These covers prices range between Rs 300 to Rs 1000 depending on what customization and personalization features are offered to you. These protect the mobile phone from drops, scratches, dust as well as finger prints. These covers offer a satisfactory grip for your mobile phone so that you can hold your phone in your hands without the chances of the mobile phone falling down. These covers being made up of hard plastic, they tend to break if the phone falls from a considerable height. These covers are not available in the offline stores such as mobile markets or roadside shops but these covers are available from the online markets in abundance. These covers are not flexible as silicon covers. These covers do not allow the front protection so you need to rely on a screen protector for covering and protecting your screen.

Conclusion: We have seen the various covers that are available in the market for cheap. Depending on your taste you can choose a cover to your liking for protecting the phone against drops, dust, debris and fingerprints. We all need to take care of our phone with great caution and care, so that we can maximize the life of our devices. Hope you found this article informative and will help you in taking the right cover for your mobile phone.

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