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Digital Marketing Growth Stats that Can Benefit Your Business

Digital Marketing Growth Stats that Can Benefit Your Business

Thursday August 08, 2019,

4 min Read

The world of marketing is very dynamic, with constant changes occurring every now and then. It is essential for a marketer to learn about the latest techniques, trends, technology, etc. of the industry to get the most out of marketing. Only if you stay up to date with the latest statistics, you can analyze the current trends and make your marketing efforts more relevant. The best part about digital marketing is that it is measurable. You can collect statistics related to digital marketing growth strategies and prepare your marketing plan according to that.

Here are some of the crucial digital marketing growth stats that can help you understand what is trending in the market:

  • When consumers look for an item online, 64% of them click on a Google ad.

You can get instant results from PPC ads (unlike search engine optimization that takes quite some time). As per this statistics, you will get a click on your Google ad from consumers who are willing to buy your product or service. If you use Google ads for promoting your service or product online, you will be able to attract qualified leads and increase conversions.

  • In-app sales of TikTok have increased by 500% to $9M in comparison to last year.

This stat highlights why you should use social media marketing as part of your online marketing strategy. Your company can benefit a lot by incorporating one such trending app. You can reach out to a large number of potential customers and generate valuable leads.

  • According to Shopify, worldwide e-commerce sales will reach $4.5 trillion by 2021.

Apart from selling your products or services through a brick and mortar store, put them on sale on e-commerce sites as well. You might end up getting more sales from the e-commerce platform.

  • Conversion rate can increase by 86% if videos are used on landing pages.

If you are planning to bring changes to make your website more appealing, you can consider including videos on the landing page. Videos are likely to increase engagement with the users or audience. No matter what industry you belong from, whether it’s an IT firm or an assignment help provider, you can definitely benefit from including videos on your website.

  • 55% of marketers prefer blog content creation as part of inbound marketing strategy.

When you are preparing your content marketing strategy, you should give priority to creating interactive and quality blogs. As per the data provided above, you are likely to get more visitors to your site, which can help you to generate more leads.

  • 43% of advertisers prefer to spend more on influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is the current trend in social media. Hence, it is not surprising that more marketers are focusing on it now. If you want to improve your social media marketing strategy, you should consider using influencer marketing.

  • Companies that appear on the first page of search engine result pages receive 92% of user traffic.

This statistic shows the importance of SEO for your business. You need to focus on creating an effective SEO strategy to get your website on the first page of SERP. This will get you more traffic and bring in good quality leads as well.

  • Advertisers and marketers spend 51% of their budget on mobile marketing.

If used properly, mobile marketing is a great tactic that can lead to sales. Marketers are focusing on it as it is quite effective and brings the desired result. You must focus on this online marketing technique if you wish to get guaranteed results.

  • Consumers who receive several left out shopping cart emails are 2.4 times more likely to finish purchase as compared to consumers who get single follow-up emails.

Irrespective of the type of brand, email lists are the most beneficial marketing commodities. However, it is necessary to maximize the conversation rates for your service or product. You can use different tools to make people sign up for different things like newsletters and send targeted messages to these people.


All the statistics provided above will provide you with a clear idea about the current state of the marketing industry. By following the current trends and tactics, you can optimize your digital marketing strategy. You can also prepare a strategy that will give you an edge over your competitors. So, get started with learning about the top digital marketing growth stats to prepare the most effective strategy for your company.