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Digitalisation of Real Estate World

Digital World Has Captured The Real Estate Segment As Well

Digitalisation of Real Estate World

Tuesday October 29, 2019,

4 min Read

Digital Housing - New India Initiative 

Digital Housing Scheme needs to be regulated and it is a mantra for every housing development sector to provide housing for everyone. It is a new theme and slew of new themes and concept will develop 

In this advent, digital housing scheme will help in delivering more homes, for people to live in. Real Estate is an emerging industry in Asia and in particular in India. 

Digital Housing will help the customers in the long run and it will provide dwelling at a more consistent and cheaper rate. India aims at moving towards urbanisation and development. The emerging development which is well equipped with A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is the brainchild of the various developing groups.

As we have seen the expansion of the European countries dwelling and housing, in particular of Estonia, it is well equipped with A.I. On a similar pattern, it has been seen that the Digital Housing in Siddhartha Vihar. It includes the designs and architecture from the ancient greek, as they provide one of the finest and most distinctive buildings of all time. 

Here is the reason that one should opt for it:

It will help to make the houses healthier, easier and futuristic. 

Various reasons are there to opt for digital housing as it becomes easier for the ventilation system, many smaller tasks which include various other amenities as well. It helps in keeping all tabs in one go either by remote or cellphone. 

Information At SIngle Click: Before this, we have always seen that houses have various faults and inbuilt errors which leave everything astray in the house. Old houses were having fewer amenities in comparison to digital housing, which is better amenities. Though having a bit higher pricing structure. 

In today’s world, digital housing is a necessity as it provides a secure environment and also responsible for the reduction of crimes  Suppose let’s see the need of the video doorbell, it gives us a glimpse of a stranger who is knocking at the door.

People in the domestic front are not that educated and it can lead to various crimes as well but in today's world. The need for the digitalization and development can have the best of the things in the single row. 

Digital Housing has modern-day changes which should not be termed as a luxury rather it should be termed as a necessity. From video doorbell to the remote control devices, which have access to the electricity, water and various other controls in the house. 

There are various benefits of the digital housing society like :


Improvisation of Customer Experience 

Internal Communication 

Real Estate In Ghaziabad

In Ghaziabad, we have seen the real estate development has taken splurge and the most phenomenal location for the residential housing complex is Siddhartha Vihar. In this, it is aiming at the development of the housing sector by the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence in the expansion of the project. 

With the advent of digital communication in the housing industry, it would be providing a completely different ecosystem which will be close to reality. In reality, digital housing is utmost required. By definition, 'Digital Home' is a home equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices which are controlled remotely by either a smartphone or a computer. A huge step towards the future, these homes have been taking the world by storm — providing people with different features at their fingertips with the kind of control and convenience that is unparalleled to anything else.


This detailed conceptual article about the insights of the "Digital Housing" is articulated by Mr Ankush Tyagi, who is CEO of T&T Group. He aims to take housing at NextGen Level which is secure and equipped with Artificial Intelligence as well.