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A.V Automobiles Pvt. Ltd Offers CNG Sequential Kits An Environment-Friendly Alternative To Petrol And Diesel Cars

CNG is playing an important role to save our environment and provide a healthy and greener alternative to the petrol and diesel. A.V Automobiles Pvt. Ltd is the one name that is ruling the market with its intrusive services in the market. With many prestigious clients, we are always prepared for the best assistance and service solutions.

Saturday November 26, 2016,

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 We are struggling from the pollution still no one wants to lose the comfort that we are enjoying. Cars and other means of transport are a vital part of our life. Can you imagine the life without cars and bikes? The answer is simply no because we all are used to it and we can't sacrifice those things out of our comfort zone. We know the harmful effect of the fuels like petrol and diesel to the ozone. The emission of such fuels pollutes the environment and leave residue behind them. The people of India are switching to the CNG cars and ditching the petrol and diesel cars. They simply get the CNG sequential kit fitment from the top most CNG Sequential Kits Fitment Centre In Delhi which saves your money while giving the healthy alternative to the other fuels. CNG is a better option available in the market to stop the pollution from the petrol and diesel cars and other vehicles.

The government also banned petrol and other fuel cars, vehicles which increased the demand, production, and supply of the CNG cars. CNG cars are cost effective and it is also known as the greener fuel. Later, to fight back the circumstances, the government of Delhi thought of even odd which in turns increases the sale of CNG cars and vehicles. The government also held that the testing of CNG cylinders is also necessary once in three years. The company which conducts the test will certify the test and pass it from the quality checks. Thus the testing of cylinders becomes necessary for every CNG car user.

The petrol cars also come with separate injectors for those who want to add CNG as another fuel option. It allows customers to switch the fuel option whenever they need. The process of testing the CNG cylinder is not hectic and the technicians provide complete assistance relating to the car. There are many advantages of installing the CNG cylinders:-

Cost: The foremost benefit of switching the CNG from petrol and other fuel option is the cost of the CNG fuel. It is relatively cheaper to the fuels and it also saves energy. It provides better mileage to the car in comparison to other fuel option.

Greener Fuel: The CNG is a greener alternative to the diesel and petrol. It doesn't have any harmful effects and it doesn't leave any residue after combustion. It reduces the emission of Carbon monoxide by 60-70% and hydrocarbon levels by 40 to 60%.

Improves The Life Of Engine: Contrary to popular belief, CNG is a better fuel considered to improve the engine life as the carbon levels are greatly reduced.

The harmful effects of gasoline worsen the environment and they also leave an adverse effect on marine life. The CNG kits are available in the market at various prices and variety depending on the customers to choose from the huge range. The testing of the cylinders is safe and it also ensures the safety of the car and kit with a certificate. Keep a regular check to avoid the uncertainties. The company A.V Automobiles Pvt. Ltd gets the certification from the government NCT of Delhi, Transport Department for fitting the CNG sequential kit in the vehicles which is one of the rarest achievements of any company. A.V Automobiles Pvt. Ltd is the well-known company which gets ISO certified on 11th April 2015. It is also certified for the CNG Cylinder Hydro Test In Delhi. We have an elite team of proficient technicians which are always ready for the best assistance and services related solutions.