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Entrepreneur's Valentine

A peek into Entrepreneur's Valentine's Celebration ! Oh yes - I love the concept of Loving One and All but most of all - my passion

Saturday February 14, 2015,

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Its a bit cheesy to write my first story on Valentines Day. But guess, I could not stop the continuous ranting from my younger sister teasing me for being a part of the "furust" lot on this so hyped "LOVE DAY". So I took the path less traveled. That's what we love - is not it ! Here's my VDay celebration.

What's in store for me in Feb-14 2015 . Well, well - I am meeting a girl for sure. And for the first time - yea. And also asking her to get engaged. Hoping it will be really for a long time, unlike the last ones. OK. HOLD ON ! That's the problem with you all #non-entrepreneurs . You jump to conclusions without sufficient data. Gosh ! How could you clear the data sufficiency test?(On another note: those sucked then :) ).

I need to have an urgent hire for an open position of ours and I am meeting (cann't say interviewing - dont know if I get interviewed or I interview eventually) a lady with good credentials.(Ok am not disclosing details here - but will be a great story a year down the line if she gets selected.) And I am as excited. You can't imagine the kind of pain we have taken to reject the last 56 applications and been rejected once by one of the selected applicant. And as they say: Hiring is the toughest challenge - Hiring exactly as you need is IMPOSSIBLE. So who says I am less excited than a love bird waiting for a nod from his long awaited Valentine for that small kiss.

And yes, Entrepreneurs do love. How can you not love Valentine's day when there's so much love within you. Its just so beyond other's comprehension . Its beyond the boundaries you(#nonentrepreneurs) have trodden yet. And that makes the difference. 

I love the life I live and others' that I live too. Yes that's the puzzle for you to solve this Valentine's Day. #EntrepreneursValentinesDay