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5 Evergreen Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media marketing has become the asset for unicorns as well as those companies who have very small amount to invest for the promotion and marketing of their brands.

Tuesday March 28, 2017,

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Social media has actually become a “weapon of mass marketing” with a single click through their social media handle. The best part about social media is having the capability to make any brand from “zero to hero”.

Every day some brand or person is declared viral on social media platform and the strategies implemented for making it viral also changes with time. But, still there are few social media strategies which you can syphon off from the plethora of strategies implemented in the past by various brands and such strategies will always remain evergreen and can be implemented even with closed eyes which include:

The quality of Content

: - Social media is nothing without content and it can be of any form such as text, images, videos, etc. Your content will add value only when it will be having quality. Quality always wins over quantity. Even a simple picture with of a brand which has quality can resonate the essence of the brand to the millions of people very easily than a series of articles about the same brand with mediocre quality.

Building trust: -

The trust which you develop with your target audience will give you much better dividends in the form of long lasting relationship and loyalty than just pushing your brand on social media to become viral. One viral content of your brand on social media does not give you a dedicated audience but a continuous marketing of your brand on social media will definitely give.

Developing a better relationship with influencers: -

Your priority should be less on customer conversions and more on creating great content and developing better relationships with online influencers. You must start spending time on finding and building a good relationship with the online influencers in your domain who have responsive audiences and are interested in products, services and business offered by you. Start connecting with such people and put efforts to build relationships with them. With time, such people will become a very powerful medium for word-of-mouth marketing for your business.

Know your competitor's strategies: -

Before entering any market, a well-prepared marketer will observe and study the strategies of their competitors. A successful social media campaign does the exact same and for the same reasons. When you take the time to check out your competitors, you can assess what’s working for them – and what isn’t working for them. You can then use their successes or failures as an example for your own campaigns.

You must observe very carefully to your competitor's social media channels which will prepare you better for your own social media campaign strategy.

The frequency of your posting: -

The marketing of your brand over social media also depends on the frequency of your posting over a period of time which will never change. It must be such that you must not irritate your target audience.

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