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Brilltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd - One-End Destination For Electrical Equipment Where Innovation Meets Experience

Brilltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd is the world's latest technology manufacturer in the form of various types of industrial electrical equipment. The renowned company offers a combination of technology and innovation in the areas of mobility solutions, industrial technology, customer goods, etc. The company has a wide range of electrical equipment for everyone. 

Thursday November 24, 2016,

4 min Read

Brilltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd is operating in India through various products like electrical panel, cable trays, transformers, bus duct, chemical earthing, generator sets and electrical cables. We laid down in 2007 and own an elite team of highly qualified and experienced technicians and engineers. We are started with an aim of providing industrial products to the various types of the industries. Our products are made with the high-quality raw materials which results in features like powerful, reliable, easy to start and use as well as consumes less power. We have many clients all around the world. Over a decade the company has proved itself a renowned Cable Tray Manufacturers among the other brands which has a complete range of world-class industrial and consumer electrical products.

We are not only manufacturers; we are visionaries, designers, and technologist. We step in with the principal manufacturers like ABB Group - Automation and Power Technologies, Havells India Limited, Kirloskar, Schneider, MTU Friedrichshafen, Perkins Engines, Larsen & Toubro Limited, Mitsubishi Electric, etc. We are highly appreciated by our valued clients like Habitat for Humanity, V3S, Honda, The Hero Group, Israel Aerospace Industries, Shipra Group, Forech, Thermopads, Park Plaza, Park View, Samsung, FIEO, YMCA, Avantha, etc. We are dealing with the national and international market areas.

We are the leading Electrical Panel Manufacturers having various electrical products which are used widely in the industrial applications.

Bus Ducts: While distributing the electrical power, a bus duct which also called as bus way, is a layer metal duct including either aluminum or copper bus bars for the purpose of carrying a steady current of electricity. It is an alternative means of carrying electricity to cable bus or power cables.

Electrical Cables: They are used to join two or more materials while enabling them to transfer the power or electrical signals from one medium to the other. Cables are employed for various purposes, and each must be manufactured for that specific purpose. Cables are employed widely in electric means for signal circuits and power. Long-distance connection takes place over undersea wires. Power cables are employed for mass communication of varying and direct current energy, particularly for managing high-voltage cable. Electrical cables are widely used in building wiring for power, control circuits and lighting enduringly established in buildings.

Transformers: The electrical device which is used to transfer electrical energy within two or more circuits with the help of electromagnetic induction. Electromagnetic induction generates an electromotive power within a channel which is exhibited to time-varying magnetic areas. There are various types of the transformers like Control Transformer, Autotransformer, Isolation Transformer, Power Transformer, Furnace Transformer, Current Transformer, etc. The device is used to enhance or reduce the alternating current in electric power machines.

Generator Set: The device is a combination of an engine and an electrical generator installed together to form a single piece of the machine which generates electrical power which is also known as a genset. There are various types of generators like Diesel Generator, Silent Diesel Generator, Mobile Generator, Gas Generator, Power Generator, etc. In the generator referred to as an alternator, the mechanical work of the engine generates electrical power.

Cable Trays: While the electrical wiring system is installed in the buildings, a cable tray system is employed to manage and support insulated electric cables and wires used for power delivery and transmission. Cable trays are used as an option to manage the electrical conduit systems or open wiring and are usually used for cable management in industrial and commercial units. They are particularly mostly used in the places where modifications to a wiring system are expected since new cables can be introduced by placing them in the tray, instead of dragging them into a pipe.