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Top seven user-friendly features of the iPhone 7 models in the market so far

The iPhones have changed our lives so much that it is hard to imagine a time when we all did not have them in our pockets.

Top seven user-friendly features of the iPhone 7 models in the market so far

Friday April 28, 2017,

4 min Read


The iPhones have changed our lives so much that it is hard to imagine a time when we all did not have them in our pockets. Apple has certainly prospered from the insane success that their flagship product has granted them, but let’s not forget that it is only this successful because it is THAT good. But what has made iPhone so good? Why do people insist of buying the latest version of this phone even though they can barely afford? Why is it so appealing to virtually everyone? All of those questions can be answered by simply looking at what the iPhone provides its owner. So let’s take a peek at the top user-friendly features the iPhone 7 has that makes the people fall so madly in love with them.

1. Make your phone flash for incoming notifications:

Ever had the discomfort of missing out on important notifications just because you could not feel the vibration of your phone in your pocket, or you could not hear the sound of your phone for incoming notifications because it is on silent? We have all been there, and now you can stop worrying about that, because a little setting here and a little tweak there, and you can make the camera of your phone flash, whenever you receive a notification.

2. Deleting a buhzillion words while messaging:

It happens so much to us all, we type a long detailed message to someone, and right before hitting the send button, we have a change of heart and want to delete it all. To do this, we had to keep the backspace button pressed until every word is deleted, which sounds like a lot of wasted time. But now, in the new iPhone 7, you can just shake your phone a little, and a pop-up window will ask you if you want to delete the entire message altogether. So simple, right?

3. Breaking the Jail:

Jailbreaking has been a controversial concept ever since it turned mainstream, and people around the world have different and conflicting views regarding the subject. Apple caused a huge stir when they allowed their phones to be jailbroken, but it has been more profitable than it has been a loss. There are many tutorials available online to jailbreak your phone similar to the previous versions. Just like the trustedbeasts guide on iPhone 7 unlock, there are guidelines for iPhone 7.

4. The iOS 10:

The latest version of the operating system that controls the entire line of iPhones, is supremely efficient. The iOS 10 is sleek, fast, effective, and above all, absolutely stunning. The lock screen in particular, has been a recipient of great reviews, with people calling it superb. There are options to use different essentials of the phone without having to unlock the phone first, in case of emergencies. For instance, if you want to use the camera in a hurry, it is right there on the lock screen, and when you push the “home” button after using the camera, it locks itself automatically.

5. The iPhone 7 Camera:

Apple has always focused much on improving the camera its phones use, and every time they release a new phone, we are bound to see an improvement in the camera’s capabilities. The iPhone 7 is no different, with a camera that is laden with tremendously amazing features, such as, 4K video recording, dual-lens, a new and improved portrait mode, and a stunning improvement on low-light shots.

6. User-friendly as well as kid-friendly:

The iPhone 7 allows you to further secure your set and make it almost impossible for your young ones to proceed with unauthorized transactions. Installation and deletion of apps, purchases, and more can be prevented with the help of this feature.

7. The assistive Wi-Fi data:

What does this even mean? It means whenever you are connected to a dodgy Wi-Fi that keeps on breaking, you can use your cellular data to support the connection and enjoy seamless and smooth web surfing.

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